Airbnb business is taking the world by storm because many travelers, businesspeople, and holidaymakers are looking for accommodation that is flexible, unlike hotels, which typically offer a room to stay in. Airbnb goes beyond to offer more amenities that make guests feel like they are in their home including the internet, TV, sofas, a kitchen, and more.

The biggest challenge for Airbnb hosts, on the other hand, is to meet and exceed the expectations of the guests. However, there are many tips to succeed in this. This article will look at how to customize amenities to meet diverse guest expectations.

Gathering The Relevant Data From Clients

One of the easiest ways to get to know and plan guest amenities for Airbnb guests is by collecting data to understand what the guests want. Of course, there is a pattern based on current preferences and trends. So, before you set the Airbnb house rules, be sure to understand and gather relevant data that will help you make decisions. Here is how to get most of the data.

  • Keep customer records – Collecting customer data such as personal details, preferences, and requests can tell you a lot over time. With the right data analysis tools, it is easy to find trends and customize your amenities to meet their diverse expectations.
  • Rely on customer feedback – Another easy way to know what guests want is by asking them for feedback. Let the guest write their experience and what they would like you to improve. After some feedback from various Airbnb guests, it is easy to align your amenities to suit their needs.

Check Your Competitors

Do you know the amenities that other Airbnb hosts are offering their guests right now? You should know so you can remain competitive or even differentiate your amenities to have an edge.

For instance, you can go beyond the essentials and have flowers set out before the arrival of guests, or even a loaded snack corner, especially if you have an active management team on site. The idea is to match the competition and go beyond this to meet the guests’ expectations.

Provide The Basic Amenities

All Airbnb guests expect to find a minimum of basic amenities such as toiletries, towels, a hot shower, a functioning kitchen, internet, and TV, among others. Even if you are not aware of what else to provide to meet the expectations of the guests, start with such essentials.

It is good to provide the amenities before the arrival of guests, especially those that need replenishing such as the toiletries. You can also ask to create preference options when guests can choose amenities when booking to meet their expectations in a better way.

Integrate Technology

We are living in a world that is driven by technology. You can leverage this in your Airbnb rentals to meet the guests’ expectations in a better way. Apart from installing a smart TV, you can also have other smart home devices such as automated lights and air conditioning controlled via an app. This will go a long way in exceeding the guest’s expectations.


There are many ways to customize amenities to meet the expectations of your guests in Airbnb rentals. The most important consideration is to collect data that will help to customize amenities as well as provide the basics. Also, ensure that competitors in your area are not doing more than you are. Keep up with the pace or do better to stand out. All the best.

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