If you’re lucky enough to have an oceanside vacation home, you’ll know the feeling of leaving everything behind for a while. After a stressful few weeks of work, there’s nothing like escaping to an oceanside vacation home where worries are non-existent, and the sound of the waves makes for a perfect companion in the evenings.

In this guide, you’ll see some fantastic remodeling ideas to give your vacation home a fresh feel this year. Maybe you’ve just bought the property and want to bring it to life? Let’s get started!

Temporary Wallpaper

You wanted creativity, and you’ve got it with temporary wallpaper. If you didn’t even know this existed, you aren’t alone. However, more people are now choosing removable/temporary wallpaper because it allows you to instantly change the look of a home. Don’t worry; it doesn’t involve spending hours sweating away while removing the wallpaper. Instead, it’s generally applied with a simple adhesive. When you want to change things up, use a spray bottle and sponge to dampen the adhesive, and the wallpaper will come right off.

Contact A Local Artist

If by the water, why not design your vacation home in a way that reflects this by contacting a local artist to paint a mural as an accent wall? Renovation and remodeling services offered By Projects Architecture Melbourne, is an example of a local business that could be contacted for your remodeling needs. As long as you don’t go overboard and turn your home into a movie set, the odd painted wall will allow you to fully lean into the oceanside theme. By working with a local artist, you support somebody trying to turn their dream into a reality, and you get precisely what you want from the second home.

Wicker Furniture In The Porch

When in your second home, you want something different from where you spend most of the year. Therefore, why not equip the porch with some wicker furniture to create a summer haven for you and the family? Once you partner the wicker furniture with lots of whites (and maybe even a colorful rug), it becomes the perfect place to fall into a book while keeping an eye on the kids.

Floor-to-Ceiling Doors & Window Seating

Once again, your vacation home should be a treat away from home. The last thing you want is to leave work and then hole yourself into a dark vacation home. Therefore, we recommend allowing the natural light inside with floor-to-ceiling doors. When by the water, you want to feel like you’re actually by the water instead of closing everything off.

While on this theme, another creative remodeling idea is to place a sofa under a window. With plenty of pillows, you can curl up for a nap after spending time in the sun. Alternatively, it’s a great place to relax with your partner and a glass of wine in the evenings.


Finally, for those who like a drink and to entertain in the oceanside vacation home, why not remodel the kitchen to include a bar? If there’s no space inside, perhaps it’s something you can put outside. You will be the envy of all those nearby when you’re offering a drink from an impressive bar. Not only will you enjoy the bar yourself, but it will also add value for whomever else stays in the property. Just imagine the BBQ going, a glass of wine or cocktail from the bar, and the sound of the ocean in the background. Work…what work?

If you want to transform your ideas into a reality, be sure to work with the right people. With professional architects, they bring ideas to life and suggest alternatives when something isn’t feasible!

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