When it’s getting colder outside, the more we want to buy soft plaids, wicker baskets, and fluffy slippers in home decor and textile stores. Is it possible to “warm-up the interior of the apartment or house with simple decorative tricks? Absolutely! We have selected the ten most simple but effective tricks that will help make your home warmer and cozier. Even though getting ready for a winter depends on your location, the tips we provide are universal.

The Role Of Textiles In Creating A Cozy Atmosphere

To assess the role of textiles in the interior, it is enough to completely remove them from the apartment for a while. Such a visual experiment will show how “prickly” and non-living rooms will become: the bare gaps of the windows, stiff and uncomfortable furniture, and the cold floor. The majority of styles use carpets, curtains, tablecloths, and sofas (chairs, beds, ottomans) with soft upholstery. Slightly fewer fabrics are used in minimalism and modern “industrial” style – loft. There, the curtains are replaced by bamboo panels or blinds, and the tablecloths and carpets are refrained from at all. The blankets, quilts, and pillows remain an invariable part of the interior. So even in a minimalistic design, you can warm up the place using colors such as red, orange, or yellow. Like these beautiful red pillows that are presented here. And don’t forget about the floors! Using rugs is a universal way to make your place soft and warm.

Don’t mind using too much textile on a sleeping area. Layered linens not only look great on the bed due to the variety of textures and colors but also “warms” the bedroom interior. The more layers, the more textiles, the warmer the room occupants will be both physically and emotionally.

Importance Of The Light

Think of several lighting scenarios. Even well-designed artificial light, unfortunately, will not make up for the lack of natural light but will help in creating an atmospheric, more intimate environment. Think of the upper and lower light, use dimmer lights with adjustable degrees of light, supplement the interior lighting, floor lamps, and wall lamps – the more diverse the scenarios, the easier it is to solve the problem of how to create a cozy home.

To make the interior look more festive you can use Christmas lights for decorating any room, but they look the most appropriate in a child’s room or bedroom. You can decorate a headboard, light up a mirror, or make an original illuminated inscription. Setting fireless candles will help you make soft lightning everywhere without unnecessary risks

Coziness Is In The Air

Many people forget about home scent, but they should: a truly comfortable home should have its fragrance. If you want to have delicate scents in the air, choose sachets, perfumed paper, aroma dehumidifiers, dried flowers. If you like something more intense, diffusers, aroma lamps, candles, and perfumes will work. As with seasonal items, you can choose winter and summer scents, and alternate them according to the weather.

Go Green

Even living in your own house we always feel a lack of communication with nature, so the interiors of urban apartments (even the smallest ones) are unthinkable without green plants. Vertical modules of plants on the walls and some kind of “indoor flowerbeds” are very fashionable now. I would not encourage you to make a vegetable garden in the bedroom, but try to do something unusual with the plants. For example, hang them from the ceiling – not on the balcony or the veranda, but in the kitchen, for example. Or even in the living room.

In cozy interiors, there is sure to find a place for indoor plants. For unconventional design, choose exotic flowers that amaze by their bizarre shapes or shades.

Use Unique Things

Diversify your furnishings with specific items. Do not stop at a basic set of furniture: there is so much home warmth in the decorative and not very necessary at first sight items! The kitchen can be supplemented with a sideboard to store beautiful dishes in plain sight, the bedroom with a wide footboard, and instead of the usual coffee table in the living room pick up a wide upholstered banquette. Coziness can come along with the humor and emotional bind: a photo pillow like this one can help you to stay with loved ones even if they are far away.


Cozy interiors cause only positive emotions. They are full of life, calmness, harmony. In such an environment one wants not only to rest but also to create. “Magic” of coziness contributes to the restoration of mental balance, but without the apathy that often accompanies excessive relaxation. On the contrary, the environment encourages the realization of ideas and gives faith in oneself. Do not underestimate the importance of simple comforts in a person’s life.

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