A tattoo is forever. However, your feelings and beliefs may not be. You got a tattoo of the name “Johnny” surrounded by little hearts. Then you caught Johnny in a compromising position with the babysitter. You thought that Swastika tattoo made you look badass. Then you read/saw a production of The Diary of Anne Frank and realized it just made you look bad. You got drunk one night and decided it would be cool to get a tramp stamp of the Taco Bell logo. Then you sobered up. (Incidentally, a good tattoo artist won’t touch someone who isn’t in their right mind.) Cover Up Tattoos are the way to fix these little mistakes.

Happy Accidents

Painter Bob Ross was known to say “We don’t make mistakes — we just have happy accidents.” Since a tattoo is a little harder to cover up than a misplaced bit of paint, a bad tattoo can feel like a mistake. This is particularly true when you realize your tattoo represents cruelty to others or values you no longer hold. It’s a good idea to find a way to cover this ink. It can symbolize how you are a new person now after realizing your internal change.

Good Cover Up Ideas

The tattoo artist can trace the outline of the original design to give you some ideas on what to work with. Flowers are a common motif in cover-up tattoos. They can represent the blossoming of new ideas. Plus, they can be arranged in any shape. A skull can symbolize that a part of your life is now dead. A compass can symbolize your life taking a new direction. Butterflies are a beautiful symbol of renewal that can be a suitable cover-up for most tattoos.

What Colors Should Be Used?

Here is where practicality can trump symbolism. It is easier to cover light colors with dark colors than the other way around. Black is the standard. Dark blues and purples can easily cover light blues as reds can cover up pinks. Light shades can cover up uneven strokes on a badly made tattoo. Tattoos that are already dark will take some creativity and may still show through somewhat, but it can be done.

Some Extra Tips

Do not scratch your tattoo, no matter how much it itches. You may pat it with a tissue or soft cloth. Use only antibacterial soap and lukewarm water to clean. Moisturize but don’t overdo it and avoid direct sunlight. With a little patience, you can finally have a tat to be proud of!

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