When you are planning a corporate event, the menu can either make your event a success or a complete disaster. It is because an official event requires an elaborate menu that people remember.

Additionally, the menu must be according to the type of event. For example, you may serve or display a snacks table during a short conference but have to serve a proper meal during a seminar. Similarly, a team-building exercise will typically have tea, sandwiches, and the like at the end. If it is a proper daylong exercise, it may include lunch. But if virtual corporate events are organized, then there’s no stress of serving food or deciding menu because you can grab snacks from your pantry anytime you want. 

Similarly, welcome programs, training programs, and annual office galas will require different menu types. The menu must match the objective of the event. If people spent an entire day or considerable time at the event, you would have to provide them with an appropriate meal course.

Therefore, the timing, the corporate get-together, and the event’s objective define its menu. Food gives a wholesome meaning to any corporate event. It shows that you care about your people’s well-being and not just their performance.

Keeping this in mind, let us look at some tips to help you curate the perfect event menu.

1. Have The Right Equipment In Hand

Equipment pieces like wine coolers, ice buckets, cutlery, etc., are essential. You can also find other relevant equipment at love craft wines and the best wine fridges to optimize the drinks’ temperature. No event can be complete without delicious wines, beautiful cutlery, and other decorative items.

Enhancing a corporate event’s beauty and formality depends on the material’s quality. Therefore, select the right table décor. Decorate the dinner table with napkins, candles, flowers, and proper plate setting. It leaves a good impression.

Other equipment like chillers, microwaves, catering trays, portable stoves, teapots, etc., will help you manage the food items easily. For example, if lunch or dinner is delayed due to any reason, you will have the right equipment to heat the food and chill the drinks.

Ideally, make it the responsibility of the catering team to manage the food. Also, help select high-quality FFD catering equipment, and take special care of hygiene and cleanliness.

In addition, consider including a coffee machine, cooking station, or outdoor grill for live cooking and dining option.

2. Consider The Time Of Day

Are you organizing a corporate breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or simply serving snacks? Your menu will depend on the meal you plan to serve according to the time of day.

Breakfast is typically the easiest to organize. Everyone loves having eggs, either scrambled, boiled, or fried. Beans and tea or coffee are another common choice. Consider what kind of eggs most would prefer and whether tea is more popular among the group or coffee. You can also add fancy cereal to the menu if you know that most of them enjoy having it in the morning.

Pancakes and waffles are something that everyone enjoys. For a better breakfast experience, organize a live pancakes and waffles station, from where anyone can get it fresh. Adding breakfast muffins and fresh juice to the menu will enhance the experience.

For lunch or dinner, you can arrange for a sandwich station, soup bar, and salad bar for healthy options. Add any gourmet dishes you deem appropriate for your guests, such as continental, Chinese, Thai, or local cuisines. Do not forget about the drinks.

Correspondingly, adding dessert to the lunch menu will sweeten the deal. Serve coffee or tea at the end. For ease, keep a coffee machine at the venue with multiple drink options.

For a snacks table at the end of a conference, try adding sandwiches, tea, French fries, mini burgers, cutlets, bakery items, and cold drinks.

3. Consider The Type Of Event

Are you hosting the event for your employees or clients? Is it an annual office lunch or a business meeting lunch?

Organizing a menu for your employees and peers might be easier than organizing for clients. If you want to wow your existing or potential clients, everything, including the menu, must be top-notch.

Similarly, you may serve ordinary food items during regular employee meetings but must plan an exotic menu for the annual dinner.

During an employee’s welcome or farewell party, focus more on the cake and have a cake-cutting ceremony for a warm welcome or farewell. You can add snacks to the menu to eat afterward, over which your employees can bond. A short menu will keep the party short, and the employees will return to work later.

4. Know Your Number Of Attendees & Theme

It is very important to consider the size and theme of the event before planning on the menu. If you organize a big corporate event, put together high-volume food items instead of individual servings. You may want to hire a catering company and arrange a buffet meal if you feel like that would be best. You can learn more about what type of catering service to go for by checking out websites such as Catering by Michaels. This will help if you still need some assistance in whittling down your options.

If it is a themed event, add fancy and decorative food items, and arrange for a fruit punch or slush station. For example, if you have a Halloween or Christmas-themed party at the office, consider adding Christmas treats and Halloween candies to the menu. A themed and decorative cake will further sweeten the celebration.

5. Plan Early

Lastly, you must start planning the event as soon as possible to avoid any last-minute mishaps. Many things could go wrong in an event if planned haphazardly. Therefore, plan your budget accordingly. Contact the catering and event companies to book them in advance. They also require time to work on your event.

Discuss the menu with your caterers, and be clear about your requirements. You can typically make changes to the menu a couple of weeks before the event. Make sure that they take special care of hygiene and delivery timelines.


Planning a corporate event can be hectic. However, a good menu can make the event a success. If you serve the best put-together menu for your clients, it will leave a good impression on them. Food typically helps people bond, even if they are your company employees. They would appreciate your efforts and feel valued.

Therefore, for any corporate event to succeed, plan early, know your attendees and theme, consider the type of event and time of day, and arrange for appropriate equipment. Keeping these things in mind will avoid any event mishaps, and your guests will have a great time.

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