Entertaining kids at a birthday party is a lot of work. They want to run around and play while you’re trying to set up the food or games, which means inevitably some are tumbling all over the furniture, running into the coffee table, or even torturing the family pet.

If the attention of those young partygoers is focused on a magician or another entertainer, everything will flow more smoothly. That equals less stress for you and more time to just enjoy and capture photos. Of course, the key is to find the right type of act to hire.

Even smaller children are tech-savvy these days, but that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy classic birthday party entertainment. In fact, most enjoy old-school acts that surprise, engage, and amuse. These options are almost always a big hit with the kids.

A Party Entertainer

There are professional party entertainers that can host all those classic kids’ birthday games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Musical Chairs, Simon Says, and Sack Races. For older children, it’s possible to include karaoke and dancing games, providing an event that’s fun, active, and stress-free.

Many professional party entertainers can come costumed, dressing up as one of your child’s favorites like a superhero, princess, pirate, and any one of the popular cartoon characters today. It’s something that’s become more popular than ever, with lots of celebrities hiring these types of entertainers for their own kids as Jessica Simpson did when she threw a “Moana” birthday party in 2017 for her son Ace. 

A Clown

Performers like Hugz the Clown mean lots of jokes, gags, and slapstick fun, a type of entertainment that’s usually a hit with everyone from small children to adults. Some perform magic tricks like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, using comedy to tell stories, and can make incredible creatures out of balloons. 

These entertainers are flexible, you can tell them how long you want them to perform and what type of show. You might have them play games with the kids throughout the party or just ride a unicycle around while making everyone laugh. Or, they can even perform a stage show. 

A Face Painter

What kid doesn’t love face painting? It can transform them into superheroes, butterflies, princesses, or one of a long list of other things that will have them lining up waiting to get their favorite look. As they can choose their design, it’s a great way for them to show off their individuality, expressing themselves while inspiring creativity.

Professional face painters simply use a brush and pallet with safe, water-based, hypoallergenic paints. The kids can wear their new look throughout the party and it’s easy for parents to wash off before bedtime.

A Magician

Every parent wants to host a birthday party that’s magical for their child and when a magician makes an appearance, it’s pretty much guaranteed. It keeps everyone engaged in the fun as an exciting, interactive form of entertainment. They’ll be amazed at things like how liquid disappeared from a glass or how the magician managed to escape from all those locks around their body without a key. 

Many magicians that focus on kids’ parties and events will encourage the children to participate in tricks and even teach them a few so that they can show off their new skills. It’s something that’s memorable for the birthday boy or girl and all of their friends. 

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