Have you already chosen your next vacation destination? If not, don’t worry, because this time we are going to recommend you an oasis located in the Mexican Caribbean: Ventura Park, in Cancun. This incredible place, located in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, has attracted millions of travelers to its beautiful and crystalline beaches and also to its spectacular nightlife.

Ventura Park, in CancunAnd best of all, you won’t have to worry about your budget, there are already unbeatable deals in Cancun at Ventura Park. But what is Ventura Park and is it really cheap? These and other questions will be answered below, so read on and plan the summer vacation of a lifetime.

Ventura Park: The Best Option For Your Vacations In Cancun

Ventura Park is a family theme park that offers activities for people of all ages. For example, you can enjoy water slides, zip lines and even swim with dolphins. The place combines its incredible beaches with the Mayan rainforest, making it the ideal place for a family vacation, a visit with your friends or a getaway with your partner.

Getting to this amusement park is not complex. If you are outside Mexico, you can take a flight to Cancun International Airport (CUN) and then take a bus, a cab or even rent a car; and best of all, it will only take you 20 minutes to get to this beautiful site.

Now, if you are in Cancun’s hotel zone, you can take a ferry that will take you directly to the park. From that same location, but by land, the distance is 25 kilometers. Some deals in Cancun at Ventura Park include transportation, depending on the agency you hire to travel to the place.

What Activities Can You Do In Ventura Park?

Before we give you the best deals in Cancun at Ventura Park, you should know each of the activities you can do in this amazing park; after all, you don’t want to miss out on all the fun.

For example, do you like water fun? Well, in Ventura Park you will find Wet’n Wild, the best water park in the world. It has an impressive variety of slides, each one with a different level of complexity and, best of all, adapted to different ages. There are also artificial rivers and wave pools, so the sky is the limit.

Now, if you prefer an extreme adventure, you must visit its 12 hectares of tropical jungle in the Riviera Maya. There you will be able to jump with zip lines from 25 meters high, do rock climbing and bungee jumping. Cool, isn’t it?

And what about the kids? One of the biggest attractions in the deals in Cancun at Ventura Park, are the activities for the little ones of the house. Ventura Park has always been known for pampering them with its incredible Fun World park, a magical place with games, attractions and activities designed especially for them.

For marine life lovers, we recommend swimming with dolphins, interacting with exotic birds or enjoying a flamenco show.

How Much Does It Cost To Visit Ventura Park?

It is no secret that you can find the best deals in Cancun at Ventura Park, if you make your reservation online. The reservation process is very simple, you just have to visit their official website, look for the “Buy Tickets” or “Book Now” section. Select the promotion of your preference, choose the date of visit and follow the instructions to complete the purchase process. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and even PayPal.

The ticket for adults costs 69 dollars, while children pay 49 dollars, although they can also enter for free with the code JRGRATIS or through the call center, although you must book at least one day in advance. Among the deals in Cancun at Ventura Park is a 30% discount on more than 30 attractions, although in this case, you must enter the code FUN30.

So, are you ready to enjoy the Cancun deals at Ventura Park?

Tips To Follow In Ventura Park

To make the most of your visit to Ventura Park in Cancun, here are some useful tips:

  • Research about the deals in Cancun at Ventura Park, available attractions, opening hours and ticket prices prior to your visit for a smoother experience.
  • Avoid long lines by purchasing your tickets in advance through Ventura Park’s official website.
  • To make the most of all the attractions, arrive at the park early in the morning.
  • Since most of the attractions at Ventura Park are outdoors, we recommend the use of sunscreen regularly to avoid sunburn.
  • You will be walking and participating in activities throughout the day, so wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Ventura Park offers a variety of attractions, from thrill rides to relaxation areas. Be sure to explore all areas so you don’t miss anything.

Why Are The Deals In Cancun At Ventura Park The best?

First of all, who doesn’t love a good deal? At Ventura Park, the deals are designed so everyone can enjoy the excitement without breaking the bank. Their family packages and early bird ticket discounts are tailored to your needs and budget.

But wait, there’s more! Not only do you get great value for your money, but you’ll also enjoy an incredible variety of attractions and activities that will keep you and your family entertained all day long, and best of all, age is not a limiting factor.

And don’t worry about quality, because at Ventura Park, fun goes hand in hand with safety and exceptional service. So get ready to live unforgettable moments without worrying about anything but enjoying yourself to the fullest.

Come and discover why the deals at Ventura Park are simply the best in Cancun, you won’t regret it!

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