Navigating the complex world of debt collection in an era of rising scam calls and fraudulent attempts can be challenging. Champion Strategy Holdings reviews have raised legitimate concerns among consumers about whether this company is a trustworthy debt collector or a potential scam. In an environment where financial security is paramount, distinguishing between genuine and fraudulent debt collection agencies is crucial for safeguarding one’s financial well-being. Join us in unraveling the workings of Champion Strategy Holdings in this article!

Champion Strategy Holdings: Unveiling The Mystery

Champion Strategy Holdings, operating from and based in Atlanta, GA, presents itself as a debt collection agency aiming to assist individuals and businesses in resolving debts. However, an alarming number of individuals have come forward with complaints about receiving intimidating text messages, phone calls, and voicemails from this entity.

The calls are often initiated by a person identifying herself as Michelle Lewis, purportedly representing Champion Strategy Holdings. The message conveyed in these calls is both ominous and time-sensitive, pressuring individuals to take immediate action.

Is Champion Strategy Holdings A Legitimate Debt Collection Company?

Numerous red flags raise skepticism about the legitimacy of Champion Strategy Holdings:

  1. Lack of Transparency: The company’s website lacks essential information about its operations, making it difficult to ascertain its credibility.
  2. False Address: The company’s stated office location at 2302 Parkland Drive in Atlanta, GA 30345 appears to be vacant, as confirmed by the leasing company. This situation raises questions about the company’s physical presence and its claimed headquarters.
  3. Associations with ASG Recovers: Champion Strategy Holdings shares similarities in its approach with ASG Recovers, a debt collection company that faced legal actions in California. This association adds to the suspicion.
  4. False Claims: The company’s assertion of being in business for 30 years is contradicted by domain registration records, which show that the website ‘’ was created in January 2020.

If You’ve Received A Call Or Voicemail From Champion Strategy Holdings, Here’s What You Should Know:

If you’ve been contacted by Champion Strategy Holdings, follow these steps:

  1. Verify the Debt: Ensure that the claimed debt aligns with any outstanding obligations you may have. If in doubt, contact your original loan provider to confirm the debt’s legitimacy.
  2. Arrange a Payment Plan: If the debt is confirmed valid, reach out to the original lender to discuss a suitable payment arrangement.
  3. Deny False Claims: If you have no knowledge of the alleged debt, firmly state that you don’t owe such an amount.
  4. File a Complaint: It is important to report the issue to the Federal Trade Commission or the Attorney General’s office in your state to document the situation and seek guidance.

How To Distinguish Between Legitimate & Scam Debt Collectors In 2023

To avoid falling victim to scam debt collectors, watch out for the following signs:

  • Legitimate collectors provide comprehensive information; scammers withhold information.
  • Be cautious if pressured to make payments through money transfers or prepaid cards.
  • Scammers may threaten legal actions, including jail time, which legitimate collectors typically do not.
  • Legitimate collectors adhere to regulations regarding call times, while scammers may contact you at inconvenient hours.

Conclusion: Stay Cautious In Debt Collection Interactions

Considering the evidence in our Champion Strategy Holdings reviews and numerous complaints, Champion Strategy Holdings appears to raise substantial concerns about its legitimacy as a debt collector. It’s crucial to refrain from sharing personal information or making payments to entities like this until you’ve thoroughly verified the debt’s authenticity. Staying informed and vigilant is your best defense against potential scams in the realm of debt collection.


  1. Is Champion Strategy Holdings a genuine debt collection company?

While Champion Strategy Holdings presents itself as a debt collection agency, several red flags, including lack of transparency and false claims, raise doubts about its legitimacy. Exercise caution when dealing with this entity.

  1. What should I do if I receive intimidating calls or voicemails from Champion Strategy Holdings?

If you receive such calls or messages, first verify whether the debt they claim aligns with any actual obligations you may have. If you doubt the debt’s legitimacy, reach out to your original loan provider to confirm. If necessary, file a complaint with relevant authorities.

  1. How can I differentiate between legitimate and scam debt collectors in 2023?

To distinguish between the two, look for signs such as transparency in information sharing (legitimate collectors provide details), caution against pressure for money transfers or prepaid cards, and skepticism towards threats of legal actions like jail time. Additionally, genuine collectors adhere to call time regulations, while scammers may contact you at inconvenient hours.

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