According to various medical research, smoking is dangerous to your health and causes numerous health complications such as cancer, strokes, lung disease, and blood clots. Doctors in the United States of America have cited that smoking causes two out of five deaths.

Smoking is also the primary cause of several preventable deaths around the world, with approximately 7 million people dying annually due to smoking. Smoking is an addictive behaviour due to the presence of nicotine, which makes it difficult for most smokers to quit.

To quit smoking is never an easy task. Therefore, it requires a lot of patience and dedication.  However, with significant advancements in medicine, scientists have developed nicotine aids and prescription drugs with others recommending e-cigarettes to help hard smokers quit.

What Is An E-Cigarette?

An e-cigarette also called an e-cig, is a handheld battery-powered vaporizer that aims at controlling smoking behaviour among hard smokers. The act of smoking using an e-cigar is called vaping. An e-cigarette is made up of three major components, namely:

The Lithium Battery: This is the critical component of the e-cigar, and its main job is powering the atomizer inside the cartridge.

The Atomizer: It is commonly referred to as the vaporizing chamber and it’s responsible for vaporizing the e-liquid within the cartridge

The Cartridge: Holds the e-juice, which is turned to vapor and inhaled.

Where Can You Shop For An E-Cig?

If you want to own a vaping rig to help you quit smoking, then there is no better place than the ePuffer store. There you will find one that matches your style while meeting other standards such as durability and excellent prices.

Study Findings On E-Cigarettes & Vaping

A study published in one of the top medical journals concluded that embracing e-cigarettes is one of the most successful ways of assisting smokers to quit.  In addition, unlike using nicotine gums or patches, using an e-cigar doubles your chances of overcoming tobacco smoking habits. To support this, research was conducted where a group of smokers who were determined to quit smoking was selected.

The smokers were made to choose between e-cigarettes and nicotine replacements such as tablets, patches, and gums.  A year later, the researchers noticed that approximately 19%of those using e-cigars had stopped smoking entirely whereas just10%of those using nicotine replacements were smoke-free. 

The results not only proved that vaping is an effective way of assisting smokers to quit, it also concluded that vaping is a cheaper way of enabling tobacco smokers to rehabilitate. Federal law prohibits vaping and the sale of e-cigars to persons under 18years old to avoid abuse of vaping devices such as e-cigars. In spite of that, government statistics have shown that 2 in 10 teenagers practice vaping or have tried using e-cigars. Lately, the number has risen by 78%, indicating red light.

Others Ways To Help You Quit Smoking

Other recommended ways that can help you quit smoking are:

  • Beginning behavioural therapies, for example, individual counselling.
  • Taking medications such as varenicline (Chantix) or bupropion (Zyban), which minimizes the urge to smoke.

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