Are you bothered by the presence of pesky insects such as flies, mosquitoes, and moths, both indoors and outdoors? Perhaps you’ve encountered the Bug Bulb, an innovative device designed to tackle these nuisances. In this Bug Bulb reviews article, we will determine whether this bulb is a worthwhile investment for you. 

Bug Bulb – An In-Depth Overview

The Bug Bulb, previously known as ‘Blitzy Bug’ and ‘Fuzebug,’ represents an environmentally conscious solution for managing insect infestations. Operating as an electric insect zapper, it harnesses UV light and a high-voltage grid to allure and eliminate mosquitoes. The device’s compact and portable design offers an eco-friendly alternative to conventional insect control methods.

Bug Bulb Reviews 

In order to provide an impartial evaluation of the Bug Bulb’s efficiency, a rigorous 6-hour test was carried out on a mosquito and bug-infested porch. The ensuing results unveiled key observations:


  • It effectively attracted moths and various bugs, establishing its credibility as a proficient bug zapper.
  • The device operated inconspicuously and without emitting any unpleasant odors, ensuring minimal disruption to your environment.
  • Bug Bulb demonstrated the capability to manage a diverse range of insects and bugs.


  • It displayed a comparatively lower effectiveness against mosquitoes, as it succeeded in luring and eliminating only a small fraction of the mosquito population.
  • To enhance its usability, an extended battery life would be a welcome improvement, ensuring uninterrupted operation for longer durations.

Assessing Bug Bulb’s Performance

Indeed, Bug Bulb emerges as an efficient insect zapper; nevertheless, its capacity to combat mosquitoes may be constrained. Its proficiency is more pronounced in attracting and eliminating a spectrum of bugs and gnats. It is crucial to understand that mosquitoes do not singularly gravitate towards UV light, and Bug Bulb’s primary attraction lies in its carbon dioxide and water vapor emissions.

What You Should Consider Before Making A Purchase

Prior to investing in the Bug Bulb, it is imperative to recognize the ongoing debate among researchers regarding its mosquito-eradicating capabilities. The consensus suggests that mosquitoes are inherently less drawn to ultraviolet light and exhibit a stronger affinity for carbon dioxide. Consequently, bug zappers employing UV light tend to be more effective in eliminating non-mosquito flying insects. A study conducted by the University of Delaware underscored the limited success of bug zappers against biting flies, including mosquitoes, registering an astonishingly low 0.22 percent efficacy rate.

The Final Verdict: Bug Bulb Reviews 

In summation, the Bug Bulb offers an effective solution for those grappling with a variety of flying pests. While its effectiveness in dealing with mosquitoes may be somewhat limited, it excels at attracting and eliminating other bothersome insects. When deciding whether this bulb is the right choice for your insect control needs, it is paramount to consider the nature of the pests you are dealing with and your individual preferences. Weigh these factors carefully to determine if it aligns with your specific requirements.


Q: What is the Bug Bulb?

A: It is an electric lantern designed to attract and eliminate flying insects using UV light and a high-voltage grid.

Q: Is the Bug Bulb effective against mosquitoes?

A: According to Bug Bulb reviews, it works on mosquitoes to some extent. It’s more proficient at attracting and eliminating other flying insects like bugs and moths.

Q: Does it emit noise or odors?

A: No, it operates quietly and is odorless, ensuring minimal disturbance.

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