Electricity is highly dangerous and can be very unpredictable if the person handling it doesn’t know how to take the right precautions. Every home has a power grid, and it can be extremely powerful and dangerous. While homes today are equipped with fuse breakers designed to cut power when there is too much of a sudden draw, an electrocution accident is quite possible and can still cause serious harm. Worse, electricity can jump if the right connection comes too close to a live circuit, such as a metal tool. These are just a few of the safety reasons why it’s always a smart idea to have an electrician handle repair or maintenance work versus a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach.

Damage isn’t limited to just personal risk. Electrical mistakes can lead to an assortment of problems with a home’s wiring. Blown fuseboxes, for example, can cost thousands of dollars to repair and replace. Worse, a badly repaired electrical connection can ignite, which can turn into a home fire costing tens of thousands of dollars or more. Home insurance frequently won’t cover home damage and loss claims where they were the fault of the homeowner not using a licensed electrician for the wiring work involved.

Experience & Training Make A Difference

Licensed electricians have gone through industry training, safety education, and practice with real-time field work. As a result, they not only know how to deal with most household electrical repairs, but they also know how to deal with odd situations that don’t resemble typical electrical situations. This is particularly useful with older homes that may have used earlier designs, and equipment or may have been repaired by non-licensed fixes.

The DIY culture, unfortunately, includes a good amount of home electrical repairs in its portfolio, and online videos don’t help. What seems like simple jobs on a YouTube video can be extremely problematic in practice. Hanging and installing a room fan is a good example. Not only does the fan need a weight anchor to be installed, but all the wiring for it to connect to already needs to be in place and ready to attach. If not, all that wiring has to be run to the room with the correct gauge and equipment to handle the fan. That includes a power line, a ground, and an additional control line. Being unfamiliar with these aspects leaves room for a lot of mistakes easily applied and connected to the rest of the house grid.

Bring In The Professionals The First Time

There’s a better solution for handling electrical home issues. Everything from a rewire to upgrading a room to handle heavier loads due to computers, entertainment systems, and advanced HVAC can be addressed by a licensed electrician. Not only will the right wiring be installed versus what was in place, but the safety features will be updated as well. This is a big need in older homes which were built under previous standards. Especially in the case of any older home that is 40 plus years old, needs today’s appliances, technology, and power draw needs upgraded wiring. Otherwise, the fuses are going to snap off repeatedly due to overheating and similar. A lot of that kind of headache can be eliminated with a professional repair done right the first time.

Electrical services by a professional electrician can also address new additions. If you want to add a hot tub to your backyard, the unit is going to need an electrician to wire it correctly with a code-compliant emergency shutoff switch. If you’re building out a new room or want greater capabilities in your garage, an electrician will be needed to add the wiring. Even installing an automatic garage opener needs the help of a professional; per home building codes the wires can’t just be connected willy-nilly.

So, protect yourself and your home; hire an electrician for the wiring work, and spend more of your time planning how to use your home better instead of potentially getting zapped with one project too many.

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