Residents of the Northern Gold Coast have the opportunity to stay closer to most of the best theme parks in Queensland. Locals and tourists alike can choose among several world-class spots like the Seaworld at Southport and the Whitewater World and Dreamworld in Coomera. Meanwhile, those who will want to visit Oxenford can have the best time at the Australian Outback Spectacular, Wet ’n’ Wild, and Warner Bros’ Movie World.

But aside from enjoying all these family-friendly attractions, the locals living in this part of Gold Coast also enjoy good weather all-year-round. It makes the city perfect for growing a garden in the backyard. Because of this, residents often turn to a professional arborist in the Northern Gold Coast to help them take care of their gardens.

If you intend to grow a small garden in your property in the city, here are some of the essential maintenance tips that professional arborists usually recommend.

Select Plants Carefully 

Identifying a healthy plant from a bad one is the first thing that you need to do if you want to avoid introducing any disease in your growing garden. But most of the time, it can be tricky to pick a healthy plant using your naked eye.

To help you with this, you must do your research first before heading out to your local plant nurseries and botany shops in the Northern Gold Coast. You can find the information regarding healthy plants on books and magazines or online catalogues. Then carefully inspect each pot of plants that you intend to buy based on the information that you gathered through your research. If you see any rotted stems, dead spots, or insects in the plant, you must put it back to the nursery right away and look for a healthier option.

Prune Damaged Plant Limbs As Needed

Sometimes, you need to trim your trees or shrubs during the late winter if it already goes overboard or if it has a disease. Waiting until spring may only cause further damages, especially if you already see a wounded plant limb since the condition will aggravate when the plant becomes dormant due to the weather. So as much as possible, call a professional arborist in the Northern Gold Coast to prune your damaged plant. It will help prevent more damages and heal the plant even before spring arrives.

Plan Where You Plant 

If you want a successful and flourishing garden at home, make sure that you only use plants appropriate for the site and zone of your garden. It means that you need to study the area before you dig the soil. For example, shade-loving plants like primrose and azalea will not grow in areas fully exposed to the sun. They will get infested with pests and diseases faster since they cannot handle the environment where you planted them.

Avoid Overcrowding

One of the most common pieces of advice given by professional arborists is to make sure that you do not crowd the plants. If the plants are overcrowded, it will form too much humidity. As a result, it will foster different types of plant diseases, such as powdery mildew, faster and kill the plants in the long run. The plants will also grow poorly since they will need to compete with each other for water, light, and nutrients. In cases like this, arborists would recommend trimming out the crowded plants as soon as possible to save it from damages in the future.

Growing a garden in the North Gold Coast does not have to be a tedious task. As long as you know these rules, you will be able to have a thriving garden in your vacant lot. The favourable weather that the city enjoys all the time will also help your trees and plants to grow tall and healthy. You may also talk to your local arborist to help you maintain the garden.

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