Home is the first place where a person wants to go after a busy & hectic day. While working in the office, even if you think about your bedroom, how cozy it feels. Right!

Home is the most important part of our daily lives, and it needs to be special and decorated. As soon as you enter your house you feel a different vibe, imagine if your home is decorated with plenty of unique things how good it would feel. Every corner of your home needs to be illuminated by bright lights, plants, flowers, and whatnot. While some of you might prefer natural sunshine in their room, some people prefer to go with artificial illumination. There are a hundred ways and plenty of artificial things which can give an extra touch to your room. Wind chimes, hanging mirrors, wall clocks, decorative floor lamps, etc. are some of the things which will surely make you fall in love with your place all over again.

Lamps as you know are a good & warm source of light which are meant to give a cozy feel to your space. There are many types of floor lamps available, and you can choose any depending upon your need. Not only in your bedroom but you can decorate your living room, kitchen, and even reading place with lightning lamps. Here, we will share some amazing ideas on how you can decorate your home with decorative lamps.

First of all, you need to know where exactly in your house you want to make changes and where you need more or less light. Depending upon your requirement you can bring in the lamps you need. For example, if you are fond of reading and you think you need more light there to increase your comfort level you should buy reading lamps.

Sometimes your kitchen might seem a bit boring to you. What about some cool lamps and light music, it will definitely bring a change in your mood. Lights are always said to bring positivity and good vibes to you and your place. So why not style your place entirely with lights!

Brighten Your Home With Decorative Floor Lamps

So let’s have a look at the various ways to illuminate your home decor with beautiful lamps:

  1. Entry Lane: As it is said that the first impression is the last impression, so what about the appearance of your entrance. If you want to give a statement look to your entrance ‘standing lamps’ are the ones which will work for you. Use a standing lampshade to give a unique vibe to your entry lane.
  2. Bedroom: Closest to heart, your bedroom might be one of the most favorite places in the entire home. Decorate it with a ‘pendant lamp’ to give a more sleek and classy look. It will also improve the bedside lighting.
  3. Living Room: A place where your family likes to sit together and have a cup of tea, the living room is one of the liveliest places in your home. Always ensure that your living room has more light than other areas. Decorative accent lamps or lamps with good lighting can be used to give a nice & positive vibe.

Other than this there are many types of decorative lamps available in the market. Below is a glimpse:

  • Swing Arm Lamp: As the name suggests this lamp is adjustable in nature. Instead of picking up and moving the entire lamp, you can just move the arm according to your comfort.
  • Tower Lamp: Another kind of beautiful lamp which gives you the benefit of both good lighting (when turned on) and a piece of sculpture (when turned off).
  • Table Lamp: A decorative table lamp is a multi-tasker. It is the most useful thing for people who have less space in the room. You can go to the wooden lamps or glass lamps.

Brighten Your Home With Decorative Floor Lamps

  • Down bridge or Task Lamp: This lamp directs lights downwards in one direction and is not adjustable.
  • Candelabra Lamp: These types of lamps have multiple light bulbs and hence lighten the room more.
  • Torchiere Lamp: The light produced by this lamp spills out of the top of the lamp and hence directs light upwards.

So what are you waiting for, select the type of lamp which would add a furnishing to give a decent touch to your home decor, and enjoy the bright light!

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