There has been remarkable assimilation between men’s and women’s fashion in the past few years. The gender barriers are obscure, offering a wider cluster of goods to choose from. Men are breaking stereotypes and experimenting with different styles.

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They favor certain styles over others for sake of versatility and comfort. Men’s clothing shopping online has widened with a plethora of styles. The tool of shopping from one’s comfort zone has simplified things.

The perplexing revival of numerous styles and a thriving 90s presence is an extensive trend. Men’s clothing shopping online displays a section of the fresh and upcoming styles, facilitating them to keep abreast with trends. A multitude of cool and edgy looks have made their way into the latest trends donned by men.

Clothing Trends

1. Just like suits having been revived for women, men have a growing affection for them. They are no longer perceived as being barred from a formal event. Displaying a multi faceted side, these suits are accessible in sleeker styles. They wear them in multiple pastel colours.

2. Sheer tops are an excellent medium to flex those toned bodies. People have majorly taken to fitness during the lockdown. Styling them with denims or a casual suit presents a dapper style.

3. Shirtless suit looks have a growing propensity and are such a spectacular grab. Deeper necklines are penetrating to men’s fashion.

4. The vintage tweed has made a comeback. They have tweaked it up with a modern appeal and are a must have.

5. Three-piece suits that were earlier seen as a ceremonial garment are sprawling with a burgeoning grasp of ease now. Men are ditching the suit and bearing the vests by themselves. Styling them with bucket hats has offered an unconventional take to these looks.

6. They have swapped the typical leather jackets for an assuaged look. Their lengths have turned longer and their appeal has become cooler. An eased flair is symbolic of this format. Ditching the jeans for printed pants and recreating the iconic looks by Adam Sandler.

7. Leather jackets have assumed another interesting take into bomber jackets. It is the perfect concoction of modern refinement, with an elan of a laid-back look.

8. There is an influx of the tie-dye print. With flamboyant prints winning hearts all along, tie-dye is not far behind. A popular trend that is unfurling to bottoms and tops. Thrift shops are harnessing this culture to the fullest. By revamping an old clothing item, giving it a much needed gusto.

9. They have revisited the 90s silhouette of oversized patterns. It’s all about letting loose. From oversized denims to jackets and shirts, this genre is becoming increasingly popular. The concept is to make sure that one detail of the look is well-fitted to tie the entire look together. A slight contrast might go a long way.

10. The fall has embraced puffy jackets and woolen peacoats. Their colour schemes are growing vivaciously. And can be styled with a beanie and combat boots.

11. Remodelling of the classic denim into new species. They are more bleached out. A lot of cargo pants have made their way and are a remarkable preference over denims. Painted and ripped denims are becoming increasingly prevalent with a dash of grunge on the side. They have a refined approach to create fresher looks.

12. Red as a colour is becoming more approachable for men now. Fashion houses like Alexander McQueen call it carnelian. It can often be a trying colour to style but possesses an unmatched panache.

13. Animal prints for men were not such a universal sight. But brands like Versace would still encourage their survival. But the new times have experienced a rising inclination among men for animal prints. They are extravagant.


1. Sneakers are the talk of the town. Older designs like Jordans, Stan smiths are relaunching. The classic Converse has also gained considerable momentum. Their possession has become an imperative for people. And is a vast signage of someone who is familiarized with the ingenuities of fashion.

Chunky sneakers to lean ones, they are all prolific. Aside from sportswear brands, luxury brands have also modelled snazzy collections. They are easier to style and ultra-modern.

2. Orthopedic sandals are another newfangled trend. They are chunky and inspire a mingling of high fashion coupled with a liberating look. Korean brands pioneered their existence followed by magnanimous fashion houses like Prada and Dolce & Gabbana that concurred with this trend.


Unlike olden times, men are prone to give in to fashion trends now. They are fazed by the need to meet the changing aesthetics. There is a much-welcomed bridging of the gap in fashion among different genders.

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