Gym going men have been a style symbol all over social media. Sexy workout clothes are no more restricted to only women. It is a general myth that men seem to not care much about their gym wear, and rather they can be seen all over social media flaunting their selfies at the gym.

But unfortunately, all men do not seem to care much about what they are wearing. They wear the same T-shirt and tracks to the gym almost every day. Not only the same T-shirt, some have even worn shirts, kurtas, or pyjamas to the gym.  Hard to believe, but it’s true. Not only does it look weird, but it is also very uncomfortable to work out in such clothes.

Women have certainly set high standards when it comes to sports looks. So, why not men? Gym attire should be comfortable enough for you to work out and sexy enough to make you feel good about yourself. It should turn some heads when you enter the gym. Today, when looking fit is so important for men while also being sure to not leave behind their style quotient, finding the right fit of sportswear is a matter of great interest for many.

So if you have been thinking of updating your daily jocks or workout bag, then it is the right time to do so! However, if you are still confused about selecting the gym attire to look sexy, you’re at the right place! We share some of the most popular sportswear ideas for men that will make women swoon over them.

Muscle Tank Tops

Who wouldn’t want to show off their perfectly chiselled body? If you do, too, then try wearing muscle tank tops for the gym. Not only do they make you look hot, they are super comfortable and would never interrupt your intense workout session. If you want some eye-catching glare at your six-packs, then this can be the best choice for you.

Gym Shorts

Shorts are every man’s favourite go-to outfit choice, and why wouldn’t they be? They are super comfortable, especially during hot weather. Gym shorts, for certain, are very comfortable, along with making you look very sexy when matched with a great tee or a tank top. Normal length shorts or short-length gym shorts give full exposure to your perfectly muscled legs. Not only does it give you complete freedom to move around without feeling restricted, but it also makes a choice when you want to feel sexy while sweating it out.

Skinny Track pants

Track pants are widely used as gym wear. A comfortable pair of track pants matched with a tank top or T-shirt can never go wrong. Skinny track pants are a great choice for your exercise and, at the same time, can highlight your legs. Skinny Track Pants have been in a trend and have grabbed the attention of many celebrities for their workout schedule. So if you want to flaunt your legs, then this can be your first choice.


Joggers make a great choice when it comes to sportswear. Many women find it very attractive when you are casually wearing a pair of fitted joggers with some cool t-shirts or tees. Joggers come in various sizes, but the skinny figure-hugging ones will make your muscled legs and curves look very sexy. They are quite stretchable, so you need not worry about feeling uncomfortable while exercising in those pants.

Compression Tights

During a hard-core workout session, there’s a chance that you unintentionally hurt yourself because of some wrong move. In this case, compression tights can be your saviour. These tights are almost as if a second skin layer and hugs your muscles and calves perfectly. They provide the much-needed support you would want against sprains. Also, they make your athletic body very noticeable.


Having the perfect gym wear should be part of your daily workout routine. Not only does it make working out comfortable for you, but it also makes you feel good and sexy about your own body.

With the trends in fashion changing over centuries, men’s fashion is slowly but steadily getting the deserved limelight. From colour choices to fit, men are no longer left behind.

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