Converting files into another format can be easy, depending on who you ask. If you have a Word processor in your device, then this can be done in seconds using the program. However, what if you need to convert Word to PDF, but you don’t have any installed applications that can help you? This is where cloud-based tools can help you, like Gogopdf. It means that you can conveniently process your files at the tip of your fingers, without the hassle of paying and downloading software. Read on and learn how to use this website!

What Is A Cloud-Based Tool?

For the uninitiated, a cloud-based website like Gogopdf only requires a stable internet connection for you to use. It means that any tool you use in the server, will not use any CPU capacity on your end. As mentioned earlier, you don’t even have to download any application, software, plugins, or extensions to use Gogopdf and its tools. So, in terms of accessibility and reliability, you can depend on this website for all your PDF needs. You can even use any device, including your smartphones, to use all of its tools. The online tool is also compatible with any browser available. Another pro of using this website is that it is free to use. No need to pay and buy any PDF software, since all the tools of Gogopdf are at par with any leading PDF software. You can enjoy over 20 tools for free. Aside from the Word to PDF converter, you can also repair, e-Sign, rotate, edit, optimize, secure your PDF, and more!

How To Use Word To PDF?

Using this website is not as complicated as it sounds. Here is a step-by-step process on how you can convert Word to PDF online. After this, you can call yourself the master of anything PDF related thanks to Gogopdf.

  1. Using any device and browser, go to and look for the Word to PDF tool. Once you click this, the server will redirect you to the tool.
  2. Once the page is done loading, you will see the workspace where the conversion will take place. Upload the Word file that you want to convert. With the website’s optimized system, this should only take less than a minute. Once the file is on the server, Gogopdf will immediately start the conversion process.
  3. All you have to do is wait for the conversion to finish. All of its users experience safe, quick, and hassle-free conversion services that you will get to experience yourself.
  4. Download the final PDF to your device. You can even upload it directly to your cloud storage or share the file with your colleagues via email. Processing files with this website is as easy and fast as making a cup of tea.

Can Gogopdf Accurately Preserve The Elements In Your File?

Without any hesitations, the answer is yes. Gogopdf is committed to giving its users, not only a swift conversion process but also the highest quality possible. This website upholds the integrity of any file, so it is assured that the server will not alter any element in your file during the conversion process. So if you have tables, lists, fonts, photos, and graphs in your file, the quality will not reduce when changing the file format.

Do I Need To Give Any Personal Information Before Using The Tools?

Aside from the level of accuracy, Gogopdf is also safe to use. Gogopdf will not ask for any personal information, including your name and email, for you to use any of its tools. In compliance with their privacy and data security policy, the server will automatically delete any uploaded files after one hour of processing. This way, you won’t have to worry about your file’s security and privacy. Using a website with such a level of protection is important to take note of, given that there are a lot of cybercriminals that can steal your files. You will not encounter this kind of compromise since the website is encrypted with 256-bit SSL security.

Gogopdf: A Beginner’s Best Friend When It Comes To Converting Files

So, there you have it! That is all the fundamentals that you need to know before using Gogopdf. Aside from its commendable security, reliability, and accessibility, Gogopdf is also beginner-friendly. Say goodbye to complicated software with confusing features. With Gogopdf, converting Word to PDF is simplified.

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