If you have been considering moving into one of the many apartments for rent in Richmond, VA, you may be asking yourself what type of weather the area typically sees. The perks of Richmond is that it experiences all four seasons.

So what temperatures can you likely expect?


When the beginning of the year rolls around, you can expect to see temperatures in the high 40s to the low 20s in the months of January and February. You are likely to see some snowfall but typically not as much as northern states such as New York or Massachusetts.

If you’re looking to experience winter sports with the likelihood of the harsher days being less often, Richmond is a great place to head.


Beginning in late March or earlier April, you can expect the temperatures to slowly rise to a comfortable 60 or 70 degrees. During the spring months, you can enjoy the outdoors with a light jacket on with a few days going a bit higher or lower than average.

The spring season is a perfect time to explore Virginia’s many nature trails and outdoor activities.


Expect the summer months to be hot. You will typically see temperatures in the high 80s between the months of late May to the end of September. This is the perfect time to head to one of Virginia’s many beaches or take a quick trip to a more southern state such as North or South Carolina where more miles of beaches can be found.

During this time of year, the humidity also rises with the temperatures. So while the higher temperatures are perfect for summertime activities expect more muggier days and nights.


A time to enjoy fall sports, activities, and of course, fall foliage. While fall months may be a bit warmer than you’d expect, you will generally see temperatures falling somewhere in between the high 50s or low 70s during the months of September to November.

From September to November, it’s common to see Virginia residents and visitors spending time at pumpkin patches, wine festivals, or taking in the fall foliage at the national parks.

The Best Time To Be In Virginia

The state of Virginia is one that is lucky enough to enjoy all four seasons. Depending on what type of activities you’d like to enjoy while in Virginia will depend on when it is best to visit. However, if you’re lucky enough to live here you will have the pleasure of taking in all types of weather without experiencing the extremes of most seasons.

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