When it comes to protecting your farm, prevention is key. There are a number of steps you can take to ensure your livestock is protected from external threats all year round. With farmers reporting higher crime levels than ever before, now is the perfect time to incorporate a series of safety and security measures to ensure your farm is protected from the elements and discourages potential thieves.

1. Lockable Gates

By failing to install gates or leaving them unlocked on a regular basis, you are indirectly inviting thieves into your property. Locked gates can deter thieves from entering your farm and prevent them from fleeing with any valuable or sentimental livestock or equipment. They must be secured with high-quality chains, hinges, and padlocks to prevent trespassers from barging their way in. There are also a number of additional measures you can install alongside lockable gates to further restrict access to your yard such as bollards, security posts, and tree stumps.

2. Electric Fencing

As well as lockable gates, electric fencing can be a great deterrent against a series of external threats. By installing electric fencing, you can prevent livestock from escaping, separate adjacent enclosures, and deter unwanted guests or pests from wandering into your property. Electric fencing is also relatively cheap to source and install and can last a lifetime with the right maintenance and upkeep. Over time, animals will learn not to approach the fence out of fear of receiving a small but substantial shock. This can lead to less wear and tear over time and can prevent your livestock from making a run for it.

3. Security Cameras

Even the appearance of a security camera can cause the most brazen of criminals to run off in fear. Isolated or rural farms must install a number of security cameras around the perimeter of their property to capture and apprehend any thieves attempting to break and enter under the cover of night. Additional motion sensor lighting can also let visitors know that not only have they been spotted but they are being watched from afar. This can be installed within access locations, blind spots, and near buildings or enclosures. An intruder alarm or text alert system can also provide an extra level of safety and security so you can be informed of any suspicious activity whenever or wherever you may be.

4. Tool Security

As technological advances continue to infiltrate the farm, farming tools are becoming more advanced and costly than ever before. This only encourages potential thieves to snatch them up and resell them for a greater profit. Due to their small size, tractor GPS systems and power tools are common victims of farm theft and tend to be resold for a fraction of their worth. In order to deter thieves, tools should be stored in a safe and secure location and returned after each use.

Making a note of each brand and serial number can help you retrieve stolen tools at a later date and aid any efforts for recovery by the police. You can also access forensic property marking systems to safeguard yourself and your family from a number of external threats. UV pens, for example, can be used to etch your name or postcode into your personal possessions or property but are only visible under UV light for a small amount of time. Microdot marking, on the other hand, is a safe and effective method of tool security with a relatively high success rate.

5. Install Signage

By installing signage, you can deter trespassers and re-establish boundaries. This doesn’t have to be time-consuming, threatening or even cost a pretty penny. A simple metal sign or homemade placard is all it takes to remind visitors that trespassing is prohibited and that repercussions will be imminent. A sign can also be installed to remind neighbours of predetermined property boundaries or lines. This can resolve property disputes and prevent neighbours from building on your land and disrupting the normal daily functioning of your farm.

Whether you own a small ranch or a large farm, safety and security should remain key considerations for all farmers and landowners. There are a number of steps you can take to protect your farm. These include installing lockable gates, constructing electric fencing, incorporating a series of security cameras, securing your power tools, and installing sufficient signage. By familiarising yourself with the importance of these tasks ahead of time, you can protect your livestock and deter potential thieves.

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