How do I choose the right senior living community for me and my partner? Is it possible to live in a care facility as a couple? Looking for a new place of residence and modifying your lifestyle to a care facility is a big step, and doing it without your other half can make it more challenging, to say the least, so finding a place for two where you can see each other often, live in the same apartment and get quality care is imperative to be happy in an assisted living facility.

Benefits For Couples Living Together In Senior Living Communities

Senior couples rely on each other for companionship and support, especially in their later years when they are more emotionally fragile and susceptible to cognitive malfunction.  Although assisted living is a drastic and scary change for seniors, most are left very content and surprised at the level of care and protection that they get at assisted living communities. Living alone is very different from trying to find senior living options for couples, there is more planning required, and depending on either individual’s health, the decision whether they will be in the same housing or different ones. Choosing the right community when in a couple can be tough, but there are so many benefits to living together with your other half, so finding a place where married couples can be together is crucial for a happy and comfortable stay, especially when there are so many benefits to living together in an assisted community:

Physical & Mental Health

Senior couples love to care for each other, if one is ill or not able to be present around them, then the other’s health can quickly deteriorate in unimaginable ways – imagine living with someone for over 50 years and realizing that they now have to be away from you, that type of pain may create an onset of emotional and physical anomalies, therefore, and having a partner nearby can alleviate a lot of unnecessary mental and physical pain.

Cognitive Well-Being

Being away from your lifelong partner, especially as a senior can be mentally straining and cause a lot of anxiety. Overthinking being away from the one person you want to be closest to can have adverse effects on an already distressed senior, so having two partners live together and communicate daily will create a safe and comfortable environment for the elderly couple. With a partner present, staying at an assisted living community will feel a lot more like a small getaway where the couple can relax, recoup, and be cared for.

Cost Effectiveness

If only one partner goes into assisted care, it can become a financial burden for both parties, as one will have to stay and take care of the house, including an abundance of bills, cleaning, personal care, and medicine. Having both partners in a senior care facility will alleviate all financial burdens and make the transition to an assisted living facility highly cost-effective.

Senior Living Options For Couples

Many assisted living facilities can accommodate senior couples who want to live together, even though they may have different care needs. More often than not, the decision of whether to move to a care facility depends on if the couple can live together. Fortunately for senior couples, there are lots of different apartment types available for them to choose from.

Based on the needs of the senior couple, they will be able to choose the living communities and amenities that best suit their needs. These choices include apartment size (1-2 bedroom), amenities such as kitchens or kitchenettes, wheelchair access, types of showers (handheld or stationary). Couples will be able to choose any apartment features and level of care that they feel is right for them.

Senior couples will also be able to choose their individual and couples care schemes – depending on their physical and mental health. It doesn’t matter if one partner requires a lot more care than the other as all services should be accommodated to make sure that the couple will remain in the same room and be able to spend as much time as they’d like with each other.

How To Choose The Right Community For Couples

Choosing the right community for couples is an exciting process, and, although it does take a lot of time, the benefits of finally finding a facility that meets all the senior couple’s needs make the search worth it. Four main factors must be looked into when searching for the ideal facility with assisted living for couples:

Do The Research

Doing research ahead of time will eliminate the chances of any surprises later down the line. Researching all the facilities and services offered by an assisted living community will give you a better picture of what to expect once you arrive. Keep in mind that the goal is to find an assisted living community where staff will treat senior couples with respect and make sure they are seldom apart. Creating a list of what you wish to have in a care facility, and cross-checking as you continue with your research will create a deeper understanding of how appropriate each facility is for your needs.

Compare The Costs Of Assisted Living For Couples

Another important factor is the living cost associated with assisted living communities. Understanding your financial capabilities before making a decision is important, as senior care homes are a serious and lengthy commitment that requires a serious financial safety net. If the price is too high, then some adjustments need to be made in terms of the ‘must-haves’ that you expect from an assisted living community.

Check Facility Reviews

Reading reviews and speaking to residents in person will give you a good understanding of the facilities and whether the community is suitable for you. It’s better to speak to people who are in the same situation, such as other couples or people with the same care expectations as you. Social aspects offered at the assisted care facility like evening socials, activities, and wellness programs for senior couples are also to consider.

Prepare A List Of Priorities

Before viewing a community, create a list of desired features, so that you can tick the boxes as you go along to new viewing. This can include a location close to medical centers, a nice view from your room, activities offered, care schemes provided, and services offered specifically for senior couples. Think of a few items on the list as ‘must-haves’ and let them guide you to making a good decision for yourself and your partner.

The Takeaways

Many things need to be accounted for when looking for an assisted living community for senior couples, but the search becomes a lot easier when you create a list of requirements in advance and use your list to assist you in your decision. Although most senior care facilities offer plenty of impressive services, focusing on how well the facility accommodates elderly couples is the most important factor if you are looking to move together.

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