Don’t be afraid of winter anymore. You can easily protect your air conditioner from frost and other problems that may occur during the cold season with air conditioner cover. Just get yourself this [product link] cover and follow the simple steps below.

Make sure your AC is turned off and you’ve unplugged it (very important). The cover you got should fit perfectly on your device without any problems; don’t forget to check dimensions — they’re available therein product description. Maybe you will think: “Hey, I don’t even need a cover since my house is always warm,” but think about it for a minute. What if there’s no heat in the room where you keep your AC?

Use A Cover

Take cover and put it on your air conditioner [you may have to stretch/stretch it]. The zipper should be at the bottom, so it’s easier for you to use. All you have to do is pull the zipper down to get inside of your device.

Everything that is usually there when using it has to be taken away for a while to prepare everything for the winter season. 3) Pull out all internal stuff from AC: filter, coils… That means no worries about mice eating up your wires any time soon. Now just let them stay there since they won’t be able to touch anything. It doesn’t matter if some parts are still outside (it will not affect the efficiency of the cover).

Cover Must Fit Securely

Next step is to fix the cover so it would fit your AC tightly. You may have to use some tools to ensure that all air is gone between the device and cover (so no cold air or heat will go outside). Most likely, you’ll need pliers and something like cloth for sealing holes (if there are any).

Tuck All The Wires At The Back

That’s it! You’ve successfully protected your AC from frost and other problems during winter. Now you can put everything back as it was before. Just enjoy nice weather without worrying about anything! And now, the last important thing: tuck all wires back into place; make sure they won’t get caught anywhere.

A home without a ceiling fan is a terrible thing. You can take a step further and install an air conditioner to beat the heat during summer days. And so, you have reduced your dependence on ceiling fans by 50%.

But even after these two, if you are looking for more, I guess it’s time to consider installing an AC cover or roof over the top of your wall-mounted unit. This article will discuss all the merits and demerits of having such a cover installed over your AC unit.

An air conditioner works like any other electrical appliance, such as a mixer or blender. It takes in the cool air from outside and filters it through an indoor unit to distribute it at one central location where people may need the cooling effect. A fan is used to draw out hot air that comes from inside your home, pushing it back outside, thus cooling down the living space.

The AC cover works by keeping this process of distributing cooling air effects uninterrupted. If you install a glass panel horizontally over your AC unit, then during summer days, when you switch on your AC for cooling needs, there will be no way for cool air to come in from outside. The glass panel will also prevent outdoor pollutants from coming indoors, protecting you from breathing them in. But these are just environmental benefits.

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