We all know that plants thrive under direct sunlight due to the process of photosynthesis. They convert sunlight into energy that enables them to grow and flourish. We, humans, do the same when we use sunlight to power photovoltaic cells via solar energy. However, not all plants require continuous exposure to sunlight to remain strong and healthy. There are plenty of plants that can survive even in low light conditions. Some of them include the following:

1. ZZ Plant

If you want a plant that is built tough, then the ZZ Plant is as good as you can get. Think bulldozer of the plant world.  It is difficult to kill off a ZZ, even if your track record with green life has been abysmal. It can survive well even in very cloudy conditions for an extended period of time. A bit of artificial lighting can also get the job done easily enough.

2. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen house plants come with some pretty nifty and striking color accents. These plants are now the latest trend in places where there is plenty of cloud cover and resulting low light conditions. Some of them come with gorgeous bright pink speckles while some have silver coloring to go with their green ones. It’s an incredibly low-maintenance plant that only needs some water and a bit of fertilizer once or twice annually to keep going.

3. Heartleaf Philodendron

This plant has very glossy emerald green and heart-shaped leaves. It is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Its stems behave like a set of trailing jungle vines, which makes it a great hanging plant in low light conditions.  You just need to damp it down with a soft damp cloth every fortnight or so, to keep it looking all nice and shiny.

4. Calathea

Calathea plants are a part of a family of prayer plants. This means that its leaves tend to gradually move around in different positions along with shifts in light conditions. One gets the impression that it’s actually playing with the light!  This plant’s leaves have many varieties and all of them seem to have been created by the brushstrokes of a renowned artist.  Old stale tap water is good enough for them to get by for a long time.

5. Parlor Palm

The aptly named parlor palm can bring a whiff of the famed Miami beaches right into the living room. These plants start out as small babies, but they can become very big very soon. In fact, they can become several feet tall and would require much bigger pots and containers. It would be a good idea to put them in nice big roomy containers. They are also pet-friendly and totally non toxic to cats and dogs.

6. Moth Orchid

Moth orchids are some of the easiest plants to grow indoors or in a place where there is plenty of cloudy weather and other low light conditions. You just need to ensure a bit of indirect sunlight. However, it is advisable to plant them in peaty moss instead of ordinary soil. They will need to be properly watered and drained at least once every fortnight.

7. Lipstick Plants

They are so-called because they have very dark maroon casings. These, in their turn, encircle very bright and rich red tube-shaped flowers on an otherwise distinctive plant. The whole thing is a lot like your average red lipstick tube. They look really pretty once they are placed in a hanging basket since their foliage usually trails downward and at each end, there are clusters of red tubular flowers.

Grow lights

Since plants need sunlight to harvest energy and grow, it is imperative that you provide them the same. If you live in a place, where there is plenty of cloudy weather instead of a lot of sunlight there is no need to fret as such. You can use grow lights to help your plants to bloom and grow to their fullest.


There are many tough and hardy, yet beautiful plants that can easily survive even in low light conditions. Plants such as the Lipstick plant, the Chinese Evergreen, and even the Moth Orchid can handle low light and cloudy conditions pretty well.

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