Moving to an assisted living community is a big transition for anyone, so you must approach it with the right perspective. Although it is a big change, moving into an assisted living community has the potential to be the start of a new and exciting chapter in your life. This guide is here to help you learn how to adjust to living in an assisted living community.

Ask The Right Questions

When you are looking to move into an assisted living community, it is important that you take the time to learn and ask lots of questions about the community. This will help you learn more about the community and better understand what your life living there might look like.

When considering a senior living community and apartment homes, Brightview Baltimore senior assisted living suggests you ask the following questions: will I be able to live in this layout safely? Do the kitchen and community provide the amenities you will need? And, what kind of technology is offered, like wifi to connect to the internet? You should also ask the staff questions about the food, and what types of menus are offered.

You should ask a lot of questions early on to find out as much as you can about what life looks like in this assisted living community. It is also very useful to try and talk to residents that have been living in the community for a while. This can help you to learn more about what daily life is like in this community.

Personalize Your New Environment

Moving into an assisted living community can be a very big change. To help yourself become more at home, you should personalize your new environment as much as possible. You should try and surround yourself with your favorite belongings. Transform your new environment to make it feel like your home; the more ways in which you can personalize your environment, the more you will feel comfortable.

Host Your Friends & Family

Hosting your friends and family in your assisted living community is a great way to feel like your new environment truly is your new home. Having your friends or family come to visit you will help you to feel more comfortable and will quell any worries that you might have about feeling isolated.

Get Involved In The Community

Throwing yourself into life in a new community might, at first, seem rather intimidating, but you must try and break through that initial concern. Getting involved in the community early on will help you to more quickly get used to your new life. It will also help you to make new friends and create a new routine.

In the beginning, you should aim to try out as many actives as possible, to meet lots of people and find out what is on offer. You don’t have to keep up this busy schedule; later, you can cut down on your activities to focus on those that you most enjoy. Keeping busy when you first move in will not only help you make friends but will distract from any negative feelings that might otherwise occur.

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