We have all heard the phrase “Dress for success!” We know that how we present ourselves matters. We want the people we meet to assume that we are already the successful and accomplished men we strive to be. To make that statement, we must have the look of success.

You can achieve that look without spending a fortune. Read along with us. We will provide fashion tips for men who want to look like they have won the lottery.

Gray Suit: The Men’s Equivalent To A Woman’s Little Black Dress

Every woman of any social class has a little black dress. It is the first thing a woman learns when she begins her journey up her social ladder. It can be dressed up or dressed down with minimal effort and it can go anywhere.

For a man, the must-have is a medium-weight gray suit. The gray suit can be worn with an open collar white or blue button-down shirt for a more casual look. A light tie and pocket square make this perfect for business meetings and less formal dinners. A dark silk tie and pocket square make a great look for a wedding, formal dinner, or a hot date.

Get Your Suit Altered

Even if you buy your suit off the rack it must fit you well. It is better for you to buy one nice suit per year or one jacket and two pairs of trousers and have them altered to fit than to buy several cheap suits or to wear them unaltered. A man of wealth will not wear trousers that do not fit him correctly.

Use A Proper Laundry Service

A good laundry service can clean (and usually alter) your suits. They will clean your shirts, jeans, and sweaters. Your shirts will always have fresh creases. Your colors will stay bold. There will be fewer snags, less stretching and your clothes will last much longer. The money you will save by buying fewer clothes and getting more use from the quality clothes you purchase will allow you to build your wardrobe while staying on budget.

Black Pointed-Toe Shoes

These classic shoes look expensive and work well with suits or casual slacks. They also work with jeans. Patent leather is the look you need. Keep them in good repair. Don’t be afraid to buy them in thrift stores, but if they need repair take them to a professional.

Invest In A Watch

Your watch is not about money. It is about you. Your watch is your fashion statement. It needs to be the right size, and it needs to be a watch that reflects your personality. A rugged watch is always a good choice. A quality watch with a name is also a good choice. Stay away from too much bling. If you are trying to show off, it will make you look cheap. The ideal size is 40 mm.

Personal Grooming

The number one problem men who are working within a budget neglect is not their clothing or shoes. It is their personal grooming. Take care of your eyebrows. If you wear facial hair, have a professional trim regularly. Take care of your teeth, and pay attention to your breath. It is not okay to show up anywhere chewing gum. You should always look well-groomed. No exceptions.

Spend Money On Shoes

If you can only buy shoes once per year, buy good shoes. Stay away from trends. Buy quality, simple shoes. Fussy shoes may look good for a little while, but they will be hard to wear with multiple outfits. Tim Little, owner of heritage shoe brand Grenson advises that good shoes will last at least 15-years. Go with basic colors and styles.  Consult the link above for more information.

Dress For The Situation

Be sure you dress for the event you are attending. It doesn’t matter if you look like you are wearing a very expensive suit, if you are wearing it to a pool party, it is inappropriate. Know where you are going and dress correctly.

Minimize Accessories

Your tie and pocket square should be a shade darker than your suit. You can use your creativity to add some flare but keep it to a minimum. When it comes to accessories, less is more. Don’t wear everything you own every time you go out. Do not over-apply your scents. You can collect samples of expensive colognes. If you spend money on a bottle of cologne, wear it sparingly. People should not smell you when you walk by them.

It is most important that you find your own style. If you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing, you will not wear it well. Find your style, then wear the best of that style. You will look great and feel great and people will assume that you are worth a million!

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