The internet is an amazing tool that is shaping cultures around the world. Like any tool, it can be used for good or evil. There are plenty of websites that push negative views and criticisms. Even the best-intentioned post can draw negative attention, resulting in harsh replies and bullying. Sometimes, the dark side of the internet may get to you. But, the internet is also capable of wonderful things, filled with awe-inspiring stories and uniquely suited for bringing people together. When it seems like the bad is outweighing the good, follow these suggestions to restore your faith in humanity.

Organize Helpful Events

Social media is great for organizing events across the world. For a less daunting goal, organize a local event that will benefit the community. This can be as simple as asking if anyone would be willing to do yardwork for elderly neighbors. You could also try to gather a group of people to clean up the local park or playground. These simple activities won’t just make you feel better, they will create positive energy that can spread and encourage others. The idea of retail kindness has been gaining traction in this way. Retail kindness is when one person spreads kindness to another. Everybody needs some positivity, so don’t keep that smile to yourself. Spread it around.

Raise Money For A Friend Or Business

When friends are going through a hard time and facing financial hardship, they may feel awkward asking for support. It is a touchy subject for many who do not enjoy being the center of attention. It’s a little easier if the request doesn’t come directly from them. If you know someone who is struggling to pay bills or purchase groceries, the internet gives you a platform to help that person financially. Organizations like GoFundMe offer easy ways to share information and raise money. If you don’t personally know anyone who needs help, then you can find many worthy causes online to donate to.

Spread Awareness

There are groups online for every interest and aliment. Sometimes, it helps to know that you are not alone. If you are struggling with mental health issues, there are groups of people online who are going through similar struggles. They will talk to you, give you advice and point you towards helpful resources. Sometimes talking to a stranger is easier than talking to a friend. If you watched a show that you are totally obsessed with, there are groups that will pour over every detail with you. The positive emotions that come from connecting to another person can not be overlooked. Having a sense of belonging, even over the internet, will improve your mood and outlook.

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