Running a home, whether you are a tenant or you own your house outright, comes with a plethora of responsibilities, not least more than a handful of ones of a financial nature.

Some people seem unaware that they can take practical steps to reduce how much they are paying for their water supply, as well as their gas and electricity, but for the savvy consumer, there are lots of things you can do.

Here is a concise guide to combatting the rising cost of energy bills.

Monitor Your Water Usage

First up, if you are someone who enjoys nothing more than treating yourself to a bumper pack of bath bombs and relaxing in a hot, soapy bubble bath of an evening, perhaps with a glass of wine and a book, then you may need to look at just how many times you do so a week.

It is staggeringly more economical for your water bill if you choose to have a shower rather than a bath, and if you cannot get rid of your baths entirely, at least try and reduce them.

Install A Smart Thermostat

An internet thermostat is a fantastic way of taking back control of not only how often you heat your home but even the particular rooms you focus on and what time and what day the central heating system is switched on.

This way, you will never again waste money on heating any space within your home when the room or, indeed, the whole house is unoccupied.

Ensure Your Home Is Draught-Proofed

Another important change, and one that you should look into sooner rather than later, is to check that the entirety of your property is both properly insulated and fully draught-proofed.

The basic items you need to improve the insulation on any exposed hot water pipes and hot water tanks are pipe lagging and several water cylinder jackets, both of which are incredibly affordable and impressively effective. You will be able to see the results in your energy bills almost immediately.

Switch To A Renewable Energy Supplier

Finally, the last thing you need to start looking into if you do not mind a couple of extra phone calls and a few more bits of mail dropping into your mailbox over the next few days, is to look to switching your energy supplier.

By all means, you could speak to a representative, either on the phone or online, of your current energy supplier to see if you can negotiate cheaper rates, but if not, then it is time to take your business elsewhere.

Look for a renewable ‘green’ energy supplier that will be far more ethical in not only how they source and transport the energy but also how they deliver savings and incentives to you. When looking for a renewable energy supplier, look at the rankings in terms of their sale of electricity which is renewable, green gas, the transparency of their company website, and the carbon intense power. In Texas, consumers have access to websites like powertochoose texas in order to help them make an educated decision in terms of choosing an energy provider.

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