When people think about plumbing as a trade, technology is usually the last thing that comes to mind. However, for plumbing business managers, technology like job management software can revolutionise their entire operation and make delivering excellent customer service feel like a breeze. Throughout this article, we’ll discuss six ways that technology can enhance plumbing businesses.

Enhancing Customer Service

Customer service is relevant to all businesses, regardless of the industry. Today, people like to communicate with businesses through a range of different mediums, which include social media, phone, email, text, and online chat. With this many streams of communication, it’s easy to miss vital communications without efficient means of tracking. Luckily, you can explore a CRM (customer relationship management) tool, which will bring everything into one platform.

Simplifying Project Management

Regardless of your plumbing company’s size, you’ll have several incoming jobs that need managing. Many plumbing businesses still use paper and pen to keep track of work, as it’s tried and tested and doesn’t cost a penny. However, businesses that wish to succeed in today’s technological climate need to move with the times, which means embracing technology. Fortunately, there is plenty of brilliant job management software for your plumbing business, which will make it easier to assign work to plumbers and keep track of progress.

Greater Internal Communication

Staying in contact with your team is important, as it allows you to monitor progress and provide essential updates. However, if you’re still relying on phone calls, text replies, and emails, you’re likely wasting time and losing customers. Therefore, we recommend exploring digital communication tools like Slack, which includes instant messaging and file sharing.

Facilitating Payroll

Managing finances across a business can be tricky, especially for small plumbing businesses. Fortunately, accounting and payroll software provide a simple solution, which reduces the need for complex math and boring admin work. Without the stress of managing payroll and accounting, you’re free to concentrate and evolving your business further.

Fleet Tracking & Maintenance Control

Plumbers use vans to get around, making them a crucial asset for any business. Therefore, taking care of a fleet is important, as it will reduce the need for repairs and replacements. Technology has a solution: fleet management software allows businesses to schedule regular maintenance, monitor performance, and track the location of a van. The information provided by the fleet management software will help to inform team training.

In The Field

Leaks often go undetected because they can take time to show signs of damage, and they’re difficult to locate. However, thanks to advances in technology, the majority of plumbers have leak detection technology. These tools allow plumbers to easily connect to the water mains and then use vibrations to track the leak.

The art of plumbing involves understanding how water travels around infrastructures, and how to solve arising issues. However, technology holds an important place within a plumbing business, especially in 2023. Technology, like plumbing project management software, will make it easy to track daily work, keep in touch with customers and improve both internal and external communication.

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