Have you ever been in a city and noticed a group of women on bikes who are exploring the same town as you? That group of women is like a bike touring group that signed up for an adventure to explore somewhere new in the world all while riding on two wheels.

Bike tours for women are becoming increasingly popular as women enjoy not only the exercise component of the tour but also the comradery that comes with traveling with other women with similar interests. Participating in bike tours provides a unique travel opportunity unlike any other.

If you have never seen or considered a bike tour before you may be wondering how they work. Understanding the logistics of a women’s bike tour as well as the benefits the tours can provide can help you feel prepared as you sign up for the trip of a lifetime.

The Most Important Part Of A Bike Tour: A Comfortable Bike 

Did you know there are over ten different styles and bicycle designs? Choosing the right bike style can help make your bike tour a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Between road bikes and mountain bikes and everything in between, it can take time to narrow down which bike is best for your bike tour. Some tour companies provide bikes for you to ride.

However, investing in your own bike to bring on the tour is beneficial to ensure that you have a bike that fits you and will be comfortable to ride for longer periods. Having the right posture while riding your bike allows you to ride for longer periods.

One of the most popular choices for bike tours is cruiser bikes. Many cruiser bikes are specifically designed for women to make your ride comfortable and smooth. Cruiser bikes live up to their name and make cruising around a city simple and smooth.

 Cruiser bikes for women are designed with wider frames which allows for easier balancing when riding. The handlebars are also thicker than typical handlebars and are adjusted to allow you to sit more upright which helps protect your back and core as you ride. Cruiser bikes for women can also come in a variety of options with different features and accessories to make your ride as smooth as possible. 

Determining The Intensity Of The Biking Tour

All biking tours are designed differently. Before you put a deposit down for a tour, make sure to do your research on the specifics of what is provided with the tour as well as the length of time and locations visited. If you have never done a biking tour before, starting with a shorter trip can be helpful to ease into the activity. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned bike rider, it is always beneficial to clock some miles on your bike and stay in shape before the tour begins.

When researching different options for tours, make sure to have a list of questions available to ask the tour guides before you put down a deposit. Remember that you are investing a lot of time and money into this trip so it is important to find a tour you will enjoy.

Some bike tours cater to more rugged adventures while some spend more time exploring a town and staying in upscale lodging. Make sure you know what you are signing up for so that you can enjoy your trip and all that it has to offer.

Helpful Gear For Bike Tours

Helpful Gear For Bike ToursRiding a bike for any extended length of time means you need the right gear to keep you comfortable and safe. Having the right gear is an important component of making your bike tour seamless. Depending on whether you are participating in a local tour, or traveling to a destination, you will still need gear for your ride. 

Just like any time you spend outside, you will need essentials such as water bottles, snacks, and sunscreen. While it may seem like a simple solution to simply wear a backpack while riding, remember that you will likely be riding for hours at a time, and wearing a pack can become uncomfortable over time.

If you rent a bike, ask if the bicycle has a cargo carrier. Many touring companies provide womens ebikes with baskets to help carry any essentials you may need for your tour. You can also invest in a frame bag. Frame bags go over the bike’s frame and provide storage without adding too much weight to your bike. Many cruiser bike styles come with either storage attachments or baskets already on the bike making them a great option for bike tours.

Benefits Of Participating In A Women’s Bike Tour

Women’s Bike TourFind someone who has participated in a bike tour and they will likely have amazing stories to tell you. When you step outside of your comfort zone and join a bike tour, you are allowing yourself to explore the world in a unique and unusual way. As you cycle alongside other women, you will naturally form friendships that often last long after the tour ends. Trying new experiences is known to be a natural mood booster.

Not only will you meet some incredible people and explore some phenomenal places along the way, you also don’t have to worry about logistics. Many bike tour companies schedule the entire tour down to the lodging and meals. All you have to do is show up ready for adventure and ready to pedal.

Now that you have learned more about bike touring for women and all that it entails it is time to find your perfect trip! Take the time to research and ask all of the important questions about the tour. Investing in a quality bike before you go on your tour will guarantee that you have a comfortable ride as you explore. Keep in mind that bikes such as cruiser bikes for women are beneficial for both bike tours as well as everyday use so they are well worth the investment. Once you participate in your first bike tour be prepared to be hooked and become a pro at joining other bike tours around the world.

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