Alabama’s capital isn’t exactly world-renowned, but it is a great little city that many call home.

Montgomery is big enough to offer most of the benefits of living in the city. Yet, without many of the adverse side effects that bigger cities like Miami and New York have.

Have you been thinking about moving to this little gem?

If you need a little more info to help you make your decision, you’ll enjoy this quick read on seven facts about Montgomery.

1. Good Weather

Montgomery nestles in the right spot in the country to have the best weather.

It lies in the south, so it has a pleasant, warm climate. Yet, it is north enough to be away from most hurricane weather that hits the southeastern states.

The summers generally stay in low 90-degree weather, and temperatures can reach as high as 60 degrees in the winter.

If you want the sun but don’t like baking to a crisp, Montgomery should be right up your alley.

Heads up — prepare for humidity! Much of the water from the Gulf of Mexico condenses into the summer air.

2. It Holds A Lot Of History

Again, most people consider Montgomery to be an inconspicuous city. Still, it actually has a lot of deep history that has taken place here and many museums that share that history with the public.

Montgomery is home to the famous Freedom Rides Museum. This museum highlights how African American and white people dared to stand up and protest segregated transportation.

The Rosa Parks Museum pays homage to the courageous African American woman who endured so much merely for sitting on the bus.

You can also visit the Dexter Parsonage and Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church. This is where Martin Luther King Jr. lived and preached.

Montgomery also has a Civil Rights Memorial, National Memorial for Peace and Justice, and Legacy Museum on top of those living museums.

Montgomery was the first city with citywide electric streetcars. Further, it was once home to celebrities like Nat King Cole, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Hank Williams.

The Wright’s Brothers’ first flight school was in Montgomery.

Yes, this city has been a pivotal part of the history of our country.

3. It Offers Many Parks

Montgomery offers more parks than you could ask for. These parks vary in use and style, but all are available free to the public.

Lagoon Park Trail

This park is huge! It spans 432 acres and is full of running, walking, and biking trails. Perfect for a day of outdoor air and activity.

Oak Park

This park is home to the planetarium, but it also has a few places to play a game of horseshoes. It is also the perfect place for a family picnic.

Blount Cultural Park

This park offers a little bit of everything. It has a small, cute pond, a dog park, and a large open green for sports.

This park is also the site of the famous Alabama Shakespeare Festival each year.

EAT South

Although you may not consider this a park in the traditional sense, it is still an interesting outdoor attraction.

This is an urban teaching farm where you can come to help plant and weed.

Gateway Park

This park includes a golf course for the adults and a playground for the kids. There are also some hidden hiking trails to take advantage of.

4. Fun For the Whole Family

If you are raising a family or plan to in the future, Montgomery would be an excellent place to settle down. It offers much for a family to enjoy.

The Montgomery Zoo is a great place for a family to spend a day enjoying animal excitement.

The MOOseum is another excellent place to learn all about animals. Yes, you guessed it, of the bovine kind.

Old Alabama Town is a ghost town that families can visit to better understand how people lived long ago. You will feel like you’ve just stepped back in time!

The W.A Gayle Planetarium is a favorite among families. There are special events throughout the year, but you can visit anytime.

The Riverwalk Amphitheatre is also a venue for many family-friendly live performances.

5. Singles Love It Too

Montgomery isn’t just great for kids. Parents and singles will have a great time too. There are several different places to visit for a night on the town.

The most popular places to gather are the Common Bond Brewers, Goat Haus Biergarten, the Leroy Lounge, and 1048 Jazz and Blues.

Adults will also enjoy trying their hand at Escapology, an escape room challenge.

6. Convenient Access To Education & Travel

According to US News, the average commute time for those living and working in Montgomery is a short 23 minutes.

Montgomery also offers every type of public transportation you could need. The Montgomery Regional Airport offers connecting flights to bigger airports.

There is a public bus system for getting around town and a Greyhound Station for getting out of town.

Montgomery is also home to these well-established universities:

  • Alabama State
  • Troy University
  • Faulkner University
  • Auburn at Montgomery
  • Huntingdon College
  • Amridge University

7. Affordable & Full Of Opportunities

The cost of living in Montgomery is 11% lower than the national average, and the cost of housing is 30% lower than the national average.

Cheaper living expenses usually means there are few job opportunities in the area — not so in Montgomery.

Montgomery is home to many big companies such as Koch Foods, the Baptist Health Care System, Hyundai Motors, and Maxwell Air Force Base.


If you want to live in the south and enjoy a sunny and slower living pace, Montgomery is the perfect mix of city and charm. It offers much and asks for little in return.

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KelseyKelsey is from Greenville, NC, and is an East Carolina University Alum. She’s a dedicated cat mom of two and has been with Grove at Auburn since July 2019. Since moving to Alabama, Kelsey has fallen in love with Auburn and the SEC life!

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