Whoever said flowers are cliche definitely doesn’t know their importance. Not only do they display love and affection, but also symbolize happiness and health.

While many girlfriends love gifting usual items like t-shirts, perfumes, or showpieces, many of us forget that men like to receive flowers too. Did you know that according to the consumer buying trends on About Flowers, nearly 65% of Americans feel special when receiving them?

If your loved one’s birthday is approaching, and you haven’t decided on a gift, why not give some calgary flowers? Here is a list of 6 romantic flowers you can give your boyfriend or husband for his birthday.

1. Yellow Daffodils

A yellow daffodil is the most common type of daffodil you’ll see, so buying this bunch of flowers will not be a problem. Yellow daffodils signify the advent of spring and hence, rebirth. It blooms just after winter is over, so it also symbolizes strength and overcoming obstacles.

If your boyfriend is starting a new job or business, gift this to show him how much you believe in him and his dreams. This is an ideal gift if you want to show your love and wish them a stroke of good luck.

2. Blue Roses

We all know how the red rose dominates the world of flowers, but a blue rose is a close competitor. Blue roses look gorgeous and symbolize mystery or attaining the impossible. Blue roses are not found naturally in our environment due to certain genetic limitations. But scientists have created them using the pigment delphinidin.

Although people associate this kind of rose with unrequited or one-sided love, a lighter hue of blue rose stands for sensitivity. Some people also associate blue roses with miracles, since humanity has created this despite all odds.

So, if you wish to wait for a miraculous love between you and the person you want to be with, a blue rose is a perfect gift.

3. Forget-Me-Nots

According to mythology, Zeus had forgotten to give a particular name to a small blue flower while naming all other kinds of flowers. This little one then shouted, “forget me not!” and that is how the name came to be.

This tiny flower symbolizes true love and respect. If you have a long-term relationship or marriage, this flower will be ideal as a gift. True to their name, this flower also sends out a promise that you shall never forget the person you’re gifting this to and vice versa.

Forget-me-nots are therefore a lovely gift for a relationship brimming with mutual respect and understanding.

4. Sweet Alyssum

This pretty flower comes in white or purple and has a sweet fragrance. It is said to calm a person’s mind and invoke positive energies.

If your beau likes the realm of spirituality or is stressed out due to upcoming exams or work pressure, you can give sweet alyssums to him. Aside from looking beautiful, this flower is also said to ward off heated arguments.

This flower is a great option if your relationship is going through a slightly rough patch and you want to show him how much you care for him despite the squabbles and quarrels. Sweet alyssums are also pretty common, so you can buy a bunch of them easily.

5. Yellow Acacia

Yellow acacias are commonly associated with freedom and liberation. They also stand for warmth, affection, and love. If your significant other has just gotten rid of a grumpy boss or has overcome any obstacles, yellow acacias will show your appreciation for him.

This flower signifies true friendship and secret love. So even if he isn’t officially dating you, you can show him you’re interested in pursuing him by gifting him this rare bunch of flowers.

6. Blue Salvia

Blue salvia stands for healing, wisdom, and good health. Is your loved one suffering from an injury or ailment? Then give this to them as a sign of recovery and health.

If he is wise, intelligent, and loves academic discussions, you can also gift this to show your love for his interests.

Over To You…

Carita Kent once said, “Flowers grow out of dark moments”. This quote is very apt since we use flowers for so many purposes. From healing to showing love, flowers are our companions. For the ideal birthday gift, a bunch of pressed flowers or a bouquet will seal your love with him for the times to come.

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