When planning a beach holiday, you should add Topsail island to the top of your list. This island has one of the most beautiful, peaceful, and less crowded beaches in North Carolina.

There are plenty of activities to do for the whole family to make you keep coming back every summer to enjoy the water and scenic views. The three towns on this island are home to many comfortable and affordable vacation rentals.

The real estate market in Topsail has become hot lately due to the high demand for holiday homes. Tourists who value the peaceful beach lifestyle flock to this destination every year. Here are reasons tourists love Topsail vacation rentals.

Reasons Tourists Love Topsail Vacation Rentals

1. Rentals Are Built In Amazing Locations

Topsail beach rentals allow tourists to decide their rental location: either waterfront, second row, or island interior; it’s their choice. These rentals give them access to incredible beaches, the sound, restaurants, shops, fishing piers, and all the local attractions to keep a tourist’s mind occupied with something interesting.

Topsail is a less crowded destination. This island is not as busy and crowded as other beaches in North Carolina would be during summer. Tourists love Topsail beach rentals because they are built in peaceful, quiet neighborhoods.

Tourists who come for a vacation on Topsail island don’t have to fight with other tourists over a beach spot. There is sufficient beach space for everyone to enjoy. It is also hard to find busy chain restaurants, traffic congestion, or tourist traps.

2. Topsail Beach Rentals Are Affordable

Another unique element of Topsail beach rentals is their affordability. Compared to the price of a hotel or a motel, vacation homes in Topsail save you some bucks. These homes give your money more vacation value, freedom, flexibility, privacy, space, and incredible amenities.

It also saves tourists money when they book directly via rental agents. This process allows you to enjoy personalized services. Working with people who manage these properties helps you to navigate through your contract and save some money.

Opting to rent a beach house during summer is a wise choice. However, you will be amazed at the prices of Topsail beach rentals during fall, spring, and winter. Tourists who choose to visit Topsail during the off-season get to enjoy affordable prices. And guess what? All business and favorite activities are still up and running, getting the most action just like in summer.

3. Topsail Beach Rentals Have Awesome Amenities

When looking for Topsail beach rentals, amenities matter a lot. Tourists who love Topsail vacation rentals enjoy amenities like a pets-allowed rule, private pools, beachfront, and second-row properties.

Tourists like coming to this island to enjoy the overrated and perfected art of sunbathing. They relish a wide range of properties depending on what they prefer.

The island offers oceanfront condominiums and cottages with private pools and tennis courts. Tourists can choose perfect vacation homes through virtual tours online, providing accurate information.

Surf City is home to large private beach homes, oceanfront cottages, and duplexes. The condos in this town provide a family-style pool and oceanfront decks.

Most properties allow pets and have certain requirements that every pet owner must meet. Allowing pets in a vacation rental puts them on top of the competition since this feature is hard to find in most rentals. This will enable tourists with pets to comfortably enjoy quality beach time with their animals.

4. Topsail Beach Rentals Have Amazing Views

No matter your position on this island, you enjoy the double benefit of fantastic coastal sunrises and sunsets. On one side of Topsail island, tourists enjoy views of the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway on the other, bringing a win-win situation.

Tourists love Topsail beach rentals because they provide fantastic views that give them a paradise feel. Those who can afford an oceanfront property watch all the water activities from the balcony.

5. Proximity To Popular Topsail Island Attractions

Whichever town you rent a vacation home in, you will not be too far from interesting places to explore during your vacation. The island is very small, with a length of 26 miles from end to end, making it possible to drive around and visit popular attractions nearby.

Tourists love Topsail beach rentals because they are close to various great restaurants. The island has it all if you want to enjoy fresh-caught local seafood, taste something exotic like sushi or eat pizza with breathtaking water views.

On top of it all, Topsail has locally owned and operated shops serving delicious dessert varieties. These include Italian ice shops, specialty bakeries, ice cream shops, and frozen yogurt bars. These amenities make beach life much easier, especially during hot summer holidays.

Adventurous tourists never run out of thrilling activities to experience while staying on Topsail island. Paddleboarding, Scuba diving, Kayaking Tours, and Jet skiing are among the fun activities close to Topsail beach rentals. The island has numerous sports and surf shops with informed locals to assist you with all your rental needs.

The beach becomes empty when the sun goes down, but there are plenty of restaurant lounges and local beach bars where tourists enjoy a drink with a group or meet new people. The DJs, karaoke, dancing, sports bars, and live music are things no one wants to miss when vacationing on Topsail island.

6. Vacation Rental Kitchens

During your stay in Topsail, never underestimate the value of a kitchen. This feature makes a difference for parents who are tight on budget.

Instead of taking your kids out to eat every time they are hungry, you can fix something in the kitchen. The island has plenty of fresh supplies that enable tourists to cut food costs by cooking one or two meals daily in the rental. Home-made meals are healthy and affordable.


Tourists love Topsail beach rentals for various reasons. Most of these rentals are built in amazing locations that give visitors access to all the wonderful amenities and summer activities. The Topsail beach rentals are close to popular attractions like restaurants, beach bars, and thrilling water activities spice up the holiday experience.

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