Every year, several thousand people are injured or die in traffic accidents. To reduce this sad toll, it is important to drive safely. Here are some practical tips for drivers to prevent unnecessary risks.

1. Focus Only On Driving

When driving a vehicle, the sure way to prevent accidents is to focus solely on your driving. This means avoiding getting distracted while driving or in conversation. To stay focused, it is recommended to lower the volume of the radio, put down the smartphone, etc.

Likewise, it is essential to always stay alert. This means paying particular attention to traffic signs, speed limits, or traffic lights. It is also crucial to be aware of your vehicle and its surroundings. To do this, you need to look at your mirrors frequently.

In addition, look far ahead when you are behind the wheel. This allows you to spot slowing or stopping cars and react at the right time or anticipate. In addition, there are unpredictable drivers in the various lanes that endanger other road users.

2. Avoid Driving If You Are Tired Or Not Getting Enough Sleep

When you are tired or lacking sleep, drowsiness and falling asleep at the wheel are waiting for you. Indeed, a drowsy motorist is four times more likely to cause a traffic accident. Thus, it is strongly recommended to sleep seven to eight hours a night so as not to lose your vigilance or sleep while driving. If you are driving a long distance, breaks every two hours are advised. Studies have shown that being awake for 18 straight hours can make you drive as if you have a BAC of 0.05.

3. Put On Your Belt

No matter where you are going or how long you need to be in the car, take your time to fasten your seat belt. If you have young children, you should always stress the importance of seat belts and make sure theirs are fastened. To get your kids into the habit of buckling up, consider telling them that you won’t start the car until they have done so.

4. Do Not Drive After Drinking

Impaired driving is one of the leading causes of death in America. Do not do it. Never. Whether you have taken “just a drink” or a substance that impairs your ability to drive, it is not safe to drive. Find another way home, whether it’s a designated driver, a rideshare program, or taxi service, don’t get behind the wheel and put your life or someone else’s life in danger. However, if you are charged with a DWI, Trey Porter Law is the best choice to fight for your dismissal.

5. Put Your Cell Phone Away

Using the phone while driving is a dangerous distraction, against the law in all provinces. If you are tempted to answer a call or text message while driving, turn off your phone each time you enter the vehicle. If you absolutely must answer a call, pull over in a safe place, turn on your hazard lights if necessary, then pick up the phone or answer with a hands-free device.

6. Slow Down

There is a reason American roads are subject to speed limits. These limits are designed to ensure driver safety and control traffic on busy roads. Stick to the speed limit and, if you’re in a rush, make sure you leave early next time.

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