For gig workers, productivity is the name of the game. The work status affords professionals entrepreneurial freedom. It also comes loaded with responsibility. Most are independent contractors who work on their own as sole proprietors. Therefore, your income depends on the amount of output you deliver.

Industry professionals anticipate that freelance digital marketing consultants, SEO specialists, and web designers will remain in demand. There is also a continued need for rideshare drivers, food delivery, personal shoppers, and tutors.

Gig sectors consist of:

  • Education
  • Service
  • Transportation
  • Software/hardware
  • Marketing
  • Finance

Although the sectors are different, productivity basics apply to all.

We outline five ways gig workers can improve their productivity today.

1. Create Your Workspace

Home offices became the new interior design must-have in 2020.

The ideal home workspace includes:

  • Privacy
  • Access to electrical outlets
  • Good lighting
  • Storage
  • Space for a desk and chair

Sometimes it’s only possible to carve out a nook in your apartment. Other times you can set aside a room. To improve your productivity, you require a comfortable space that fits a desk, chair, and lamp.

The optimal workspace doesn’t require you to get up often to grab something to write on, important files, and water. If fits the work essentials comfortably.

If your vehicle is your workspace, you want to pack everything that you’ll need for a day’s shift including your smartphone, charger cable, snacks, water, and an extra set of clothes.

2. Eliminate Distractions

Employers struggle with keeping employees productive during business hours. Many more distractions exist in this digital era. The internet, smartphones and social media easily capture people’s attention and keep it.

Before you know it, you spent half an hour scrolling through your feeds, watching videos, and playing the newest mobile game level.

It’s not different for gig workers, especially if you work digitally and remotely. Working from a home office, vehicle, or co-working space is great. But you need to self-police yourself.

Apps, social media, and videos are great forms of entertainment. However, during your work hours, keep them at a distance so you can focus on your tasks.

3. Gather Your Resources

Gig workers require resources too. The gig labor sector has existed since 2008. Understandably, it took companies a few years to become comfortable with hiring freelancers. Now that it’s more accepted, resources for gig workers continue popping up.

For example, take a look at the resources that Gigly offers.

Every independent worker requires access to accounting, legal, and health resources. Each resource has a purpose that helps you remain productive.

If you don’t feel well, you should seek medical attention. Knowing beforehand the local clinic you can visit on your income makes the trip efficient and affordable.

When you understand your finances, you know how much more work you need to take on at any time. Knowing that you need earn a set amount weekly, monthly, or quarterly improves your productivity too

4. Set Your Hours

Freelancers, independent contractors, and gig workers can work at any time. The most successful gig workers learn to maximize their version of the 40-hour workweek.

Rideshare freelancers can treat the work as seasonal and make a good living with that mindset. For example, when a music festival, playoff sporting event, or business convention arrives nearby, work them.

When you set your business hours, you avoid burning yourself out. It’s easy to blend your work and personal life to the point when you work around the clock.

During the busy season for your gig sector, it’s wise to maximize the availability of work. But give yourself time to recharge during the downtime too.

5. Obtain The Right Tools

Every freelancer requires the right tools to help them improve their productivity. If you become a rideshare driver, you require a well-running vehicle, insurance, and a reliable car maintenance shop in your area.

Remote workers require access to reliable internet, computer, and software. Turn your smartphone into your mobile supermachine that manages your business and productivity.


To improve your productivity as a gig worker today, test the tips above. Since you have the independence to complete work on your accord, productivity is personal. When you find your groove, turn it into a habit to reap the most rewards.

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