The use of virtual reality videos in the hospitality industry has become a norm today. Post-pandemic, businesses are looking for ways to gain more recognition and market their products and services. And, today everyone searches for businesses on the web for the availability of virtual tours to get insights into their offerings. When it comes to the hospitality industry, a 3D virtual tour is the best way to display what services you offer. Read on to know five ways 360-degree virtual tours can enrich the hospitality industry.

Gives Potential Customers Virtual Travel Experience

One of the most significant uses of 360-degree video technology in the hospitality sector is that it lets potential customers travel your premises virtually. At the same time, you can market your business professionally in the most interesting way. Users can experience virtual travel sitting in the comfort of their homes and make better decisions.

VR videos allow potential guests to know everything about your property before they visit it. You can put forth all the facilities, like pool area, fitness center, restaurant, etc., so that they know what they will be paying for. Moreover, it assists the event planners in their booking decision by letting them know what you offer.

You Can Provide Information Using Interactive Elements

When you create 360° virtual tours for your hotel using the most interactive elements and images, you ensure your guests that they will cherish their stay there. For example, when a person virtually visits your hotel, you can use visuals to let them know that they will be welcomed by a receptionist or advise them how to explore the property.

By including interactive information points, you can trigger the desired events, like a customer opening up the hotel room, watching the event setups, or a chef explaining your restaurant’s menu, etc. Thus, 360-degree virtual tours help you communicate the information in an interesting way.

Gives You An Edge Over Your Competition

VR tour is quite beneficial in the hospitality industry, where your potential guests have an array of options to choose from. By using this creative marketing tool, you can stay ahead of the rivals who haven’t used virtual tours yet. Moreover, this modern approach helps you increase the chances of the customers booking your hotel. It provides you with a competitive advantage over the other hotels in the same region or city.

Provides Your Business With Value

Just like a picture speaks a thousand words, a great video is worth a thousand pictures. As a hotel manager, it is a bit tricky to present a distinguished picture of your property in front of the audience. While images are good to covey your unique selling proposition, a well-created virtual reality video is priceless.

With VR videos, you can let your potential customers see the unique qualities of your property. They get to know how your hotel rooms will offer them value for their price. This way, it creates your value in the eyes of the customers.

It Can Make A Difference In Direct Bookings

If you are in the hospitality industry, you are already aware of the challenges involved in direct bookings when there are a plethora of online agents offering instant price comparisons. This is where a virtual reality tour can help you. VR videos help users explore your property, helping them make educated decisions fast.

Thus, including a direct booking functionality to your VR video can boost direct bookings and give you quick conversions. The increased bookings will generate more revenue, which improves your bottom line. So, a 360-degree VR tour is something you must have in your marketing arsenal.


VR videos are a powerful tool for the hospitality and travel industry. Once you gain the ability to capture the attention of the audience via images and videos, you are in a better position to distinguish your property from others. So, if you haven’t used 360-degree virtual tours for marketing your business, get started with using this innovative technology today!

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