When it comes to a healthy breakfast, there is nothing better than easy, delicious egg preparations, like microwavable fried eggs, coddled eggs, etc. Egg recipes are the best to cook for your last-minute breakfast when you are getting late for work or you want to cook something quickly.

Over the years, eggs have been a great source of proteins and vitamins. They are a healthy addition to regular meals, as well as diet plans. In fact, eggs are considered a whole diet itself. Another reason to add eggs to your meal is, they are beneficial for every age group. 

List Of Easy Breakfast Egg Preparations

Not everybody likes the organic taste of whole egg or yolk. In that case, there are various recipes to try. For your convenience, we have shared a few recipes below, suggested by the best chefs. Have a look at the best breakfast egg preparations done at hotels which you can try at home:

1. Microwavable Egg Fried Rice

To prepare Microwavable Egg Fried Rice Recipe | Minute® Rice, first you need to heat rice. Meanwhile, cook eggs for 50-60 seconds until they get puffed properly. Then toss peas, sriracha, and soy sauce with coleslaw mix. Then add this mixture to your pre-cooked rice, saute it for another half a minute, and your meal is ready. You can use any of your favorite sauces to give this freshly prepared dish an exotic flavor in every bite.

2. Scrambled Egg Recipe  

To prepare this dish, stir eggs and beat them together while eggs are warm enough—afterward, mix salt, butter, and any other ingredient you wish. You can cook scrambled eggs with or without the addition of milk too. After preparing the meal, serve it with cooked ham, toasted mushroom, bread, toast or bacon, etc.

3. Shirred Eggs Recipe  

You will require chinaware or metal skillets of different sizes to prepare shirred eggs. First, apply butter on the inner side of the dish. Then place it on the hot stove for some time. The moment butter turns brownish, crack the outer layer of the egg and slide it into the shirred dish. And top it with a half-cooked egg (egg white is set, and the yolk is still liquid) to finish the dish. 

4. Poached Eggs Recipe 

To prepare poached eggs, first choose the finest eggs, as they are easy to prepare. Then boil them with a sufficient amount of water in a large bowl or pan. Add vinegar and salt in a small amount to hold the white around the yolk liquid. After boiling the eggs, crack them carefully into a separate dish and slide them into simmering water. Cook the eggs until they have reached a certain point where they have the desired degree of doneness. 

5. Coddled Eggs Recipe 

During this recipe, eggs are usually coddled in the shell or coddler. First, pour some water over the edges and add a pint of boiling water to the egg. After that, cover it and keep it in a warm place until the yolk is firm and whites are pleasantly soft. Usually, this whole process takes 6 to 10 minutes. 


Hopefully, this article will help with various ideas for your last-minute breakfast meal. However, as we understand, eating the same basic eggs every day can be very boring. Therefore, we recommend you go through the different recipes mentioned above to treat your taste buds while being healthy. 

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