Consumers in today’s world remain loyal to brands if their services are good. To ensure this, companies must deliver robust real-time services. To that end, companies take the help of chatbots like you get when you call on the Cox customer service number, customer service agents, and web-based apps to name a few. All this effort ensures a higher chance to get more customers, experience higher ROI, and maintain a better market positioning.

Yes, these are all excellent Cloud computing features, but after you‘ve invested and migrated to Cloud, there’s always the worry about who’s going to take care of all your asset disposition needs. Server equipment that would no longer be required needs to be professionally disposed of. This is exactly when specialties like “Dataknox” come into the scene with years of experience. They are one of the leading data center decommissioning companies in California.

If you are the owner of a company and want to increase your profits, and sales, you will need to invest in the following too:


Due to the exponential growth in the world of e-commerce, customers can place an order at any time. They need answers to their queries even on weekends. They expect a representative from companies to be available in order to assist them even on government holidays. Therefore, companies need to invest in solutions that can allow them to provide customer services all the time. An economical and cheap way to do this is by using a chatbot. A chatbot can allow companies to record user queries and even answer them. AI chatbots that come with machine learning capabilities can keep on learning user behavior patterns and answer questions intelligently with the passage of time. Meanwhile, all this data can be stored in the cloud so that data analysts can use this data manually or with the help of data analysis tools later on.

User Experience

Customers today want to browse the web or navigate through applications with ease and comfort. They want brands to reflect their behavior and interests. In order to effectively address the problems that users need solutions to, a personalized customer experience can engage an audience on a very personal level. This can help to increase sales and even prompt the users to share your marketing message on their social media profiles. A personalized customer experience revolves around the concept of delivering solutions to clients in a user-friendly manner. This helps in generating easy sales.

Social Media

Companies need to understand that a majority of clients interact with their brands on social media. Companies can use social media to not only promote their marketing message but also to increase their outreach. They can use applications such as Messenger, Snapchat, and WhatsApp Business to provide real-time services to users. Not only that, but these platforms can store the data on their cloud platforms. Therefore, you can always have a look at the entire conversation records and utilize critical user data for more actions. These actions can include marketing activities, advertising research, and user preferences.

Case Studies

Companies need to develop case studies to manage real-time services for customers. Case studies can enable your sales agents as well as your customer service agents to interact effectively. Make sure to store these case studies on a cloud-based management platform that employees can easily access. Furthermore, many of these platforms can store the complete history of client-company interactions. So, whenever a client calls your service agent, this platform can show the entire interaction history. This can allow the service agent to provide a better experience to the client.

Email Marketing

Another impactful way to provide quality customer experiences is with the help of email marketing. Make sure to send out email marketing campaigns for different user groups. Let your clients know regarding any upcoming promotions or sales events. As a result, they will be able to receive your marketing message and call you if they have any queries. This will not only boost your sales but also improve your client servicing capabilities.

User interactions with these email marketing campaigns can also help companies to better understand user requirements, behaviors, and demands. As a result, companies can improve their marketing and advertising strategies as well.

With the help of all these, you can easily deliver better customer experiences. These are the best ways for real-time service excellence using the cloud. Not only can the data remain secure, but you can also use it for analysis later on.

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