If your loved one will soon reach a landmark birthday, you will likely want to help the special day stand out in their mind for many decades to come. While days out or family dinners are fun, they might not be enough to create an unforgettable birthday they’ll never forget.

To prove how much the birthday boy or girl means to you and ensure they have a day they’ll remember forever, check out these five tips for throwing the ultimate surprise party.

1. Keep The Event Simple

Extravagant themes and complex cuisines might sound great on paper, but they might not match your loved one’s personality or the guests’ tastes. Rather than overcomplicating the event, stick with traditional party decorations, such as colorful balloons, paper streamers, and thoughtful banners. Also, avoid pretentious cuisines and choose simple yet delicious foods the guest of honor and their loved ones will enjoy.

2. Create A Fun Movie Montage

Blow the guest of honor away by creating a fun movie montage that will bring a smile to their face at the party. Ask their family and friends to send heartfelt, funny, or creative videos wishing them a happy birthday. You can trust they’ll feel touched by the effort you have made, and they’re bound to hold the footage close to their heart long after the party is over. It’s perfect for a landmark birthday, such as a 21st, 40th, or 60th.

3. Surprise Them With Confetti

While shouting “surprise” at the party is bound to shock your loved one, you could make the moment extra special by throwing confetti in their air once they arrive. It will prove you have gone to great lengths to make the surprise extra special, and it is a memory they’re unlikely to forget in a hurry. If you’re worried about making too much mess with confetti, provide all the guests with colorful balloons to throw in the air when the guest of honor steps through the door.

4. Present Them With A Thoughtful Gift

Unless the party is your gift, you might want to present your loved one with a thoughtful item or experience that will make their day extra special. If you’re stuck for birthday gift ideas, you can’t go wrong with a personalized book of their life, a fun-filled break for two, or a newspaper from the day they were born. It will provide another fantastic memory of the fun party.

5. Cater To Your Guest’s Music Tastes

It is crucial to consider the guest of honor’s music tastes when throwing a party. They might not want to dance the night away to 80s music, but they may happily strut their stuff on the dancefloor to 70s songs or modern hits. If you have the budget, you could even hire a live band or artist to entertain your loved one and their friends and family. It will encourage people to get up on their feet to dance the night away.

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