Weekends are on, and you want something that can be cooked fast and delicious at the same time. When you are not in the mood to order food out or spend much time in the kitchen, rice can be the first thing that comes to your mind! There is n number of mouth-watering recipes that can be made with the minute rice, and an instant supper on the table is surely a sure thing for you! So, let’s check out some of the cool instant rice recipes, which are not only delicious to eat but are snappy to cook too. Let’s get started!

1. Rice cooked with Stuffed peppers

It can be one of the favourite recipes among mothers. Food well-seasoned food is what you can always count on! Toss the rice with the peppers along with the cheese Sause. The combination can be the best thing and requires a minimum of your time. So, try this amazing rice recipe and cook it instantly.

2. Traditional Paella 

Ethnic food can also cook in minutes! Use the minute rice and see the magic. This dish can be prepared specially on Sundays. Ingredients used here are saffron, turmeric, and a few other veggies, and you are all set to go! It’s the easiest one and a must-try dish! Surely, these minute rice recipes can be a great option for you!

3. Tossed With Chicken & Broccoli

For all the meat lovers! This dish is especially for you. The Asian Chicken and the broccoli, which is stir-fried, is the best thing that is easily available in the house. Make sure to add some of the spicy sauce, which would taste fantastic with chicken, seafood, pork, beef or beef jerky. Add a few of the veggies, whatever you have in the kitchen, and your snappy chicken with fried broccoli along with spicy sauce is ready to be eaten.

4. Lemony Chickpeas

The saucy chickpeas can be added to the brown rice. Try this dish on Mondays when you are in the zone of Monday Blues. It is extremely good over the warm and brown rice. The dish is healthy and can be the best choice when you rush and do not wish to eat unhealthily!

5. Rice Tossed With Spinach

You can serve Greek-style rice with spinach and mushroom combinations. So, toss the rice with the mushrooms and the spinach and make it the most elegant dish for the guests. It would need to take the time nor much of the ingredients. Just a combination of the two into the rice, and you’ll be able to add that extra taste to the rice! It is one such dish that can be cooked at once without any hassle and would taste well!

Bottom Line

Surely there are multiple options that you can try out with the minute rice. Then, just a simple toss of the veggies and the sauce here and there, and you are ready with the delicious rice. So, what are you waiting for? Try out these minute rice recipes instantly and treat yourself and your friends too on busy days!

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