One of the most joyous occasions in life should be seeing your daughter walk down the aisle and saying ‘I do’ to the person she loves. In the run up to the big day, being by your daughter’s side and helping her get ready to tie the knot is important. There’s a fine line between giving assistance and taking control, so here are some rules and etiquette tips that all mother of the brides can make use of.

Keep Communication Lines Open

When it comes to planning and executing a wedding, there are all sorts of factors to take into consideration. Whether it’s the wedding dress, venue, catering, or guest list, your daughter will want your help and say in many aspects of the big day. Keeping communication lines open throughout is critical. Even if there are disagreements along the way, letting your daughter know she can come to you with anything will be a huge stress reliever for her. Should communication break down, this can leave a sour taste in the lead up to the wedding.

Show Respect

As her mum, you will have raised your daughter to show respect, so when it comes to planning her big day, you must respect her wishes and decisions. If you don’t agree with something, rather than making a big deal out of it, it may be wise to take your daughter aside and calmly discuss your concerns. Sure, you may have done things differently on your wedding day, but you need to remember that everyone is different. Your daughter will respect you more if you trust her judgment and let her follow through with her plans.

Dress Appropriately

No one wants to upstage the bride, especially the mother! As your daughter walks down the aisle in her white flowing dress, many of the attendees will be looking at what the mother is wearing too. Of course, you will want to look and feel excellent on the day, so if you’re plus size and struggling to find the right outfit, sites like froxx may be able to help. Whatever you do, don’t leave things until the last minute, otherwise you may end up having to wear something from your wardrobe.

Keep Stress Levels At Bay

Planning a wedding isn’t easy, so if your daughter is struggling to keep on top of things, it’s your job to keep your stress levels at bay and show a calm and relaxed demeanour. If you start becoming frantic and out of control, your daughter will follow suit, which isn’t a good look for anyone. As long as you leave plenty of time in advance and sit down with your daughter, you can plan every fine detail of the wedding. Relaxation exercises can help the both of you destress and look forward to the big day.

Enjoy The Moment

After all the stress and excitement in the lead up to the big day, there is nothing quite like being at the wedding ceremony and witnessing your baby daughter tying the knot. No matter what has happened in the build-up, make sure you enjoy the moment and take everything in.

The mother/daughter relationship can be incredibly complex. While some can communicate well, others may end up squabbling which can put a damper on your daughter’s big day. As the mother of the bride, following the tips above will make sure everything runs smoothly and according to plan.

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