Modern taxis are incredibly high-tech for what essentially amounts to a private solution to get from point A to point B. Modern taxis today offer so much convenience, often right through an app, to expand the services they offer.

1. App-Based Booking System

There are many options out there that allow you to accept bookings through apps. One of the most popular options today for licensed taxi drivers is Free Now. This new app is similar to Uber in that passengers can request a cab and set their destination in the app. Licensed cab drivers can then accept the route and go direct to pick them up.

Alternatively, depending on how large your taxi fleet is in your area, you may want to consider creating your own app. The same applies if you offer a luxury service, like a private car hire. If your customers can easily organize a trip on an app, set the time for pickup, and other important information you will immediately appeal to a larger range of customers.

The app should not only let passengers share a live feed of your journey, but also expected drop-off time and any other travel updates like traffic, so customers can go with a peace of mind.

2. Add Preferences

A few simple preferences can go a long way towards the passenger’s experience. A few key preferences to include? Have an option for whether they want to talk or not. Some people are chatty, others want to sit there quietly while they get taken to their destination. In most cases you can usually tell in advance, but if they can select which option they prefer it can take away a lot of stress and apprehension for some passengers.

Other options include what radio station they want on during their trip, or if they want the car to be cooled via air conditioning before they get there. Small, simple options like this go a long way.

One last preference you want them to be able to make is the ability to prefer certain drivers. This can be done on the app, so they can save their preferences right down to who goes to pick them up.

3. Hybrid Or Electric Fuel

Fuel costs are only rising, so one of the best modern features that helps both your profit margin and the community as a whole is hybrid or electric power. You can find excellent taxi options that are either hybrid or fully electric at Though these options do tend to be a bit more expensive upfront you will save considerably on running costs and, if the city you operate in has a low-emissions zone, you’ll be able to drive without a surcharge.

4. Accept Multiple Payment Options

You should be able to accept payments through the app, direct in cash or card, or in some cases even in crypto. By offering multiple payment options you can accommodate all passengers from locals to tourists.

5. Use Data To Improve Your Service

Collecting data through the app can make it easy to understand what’s going on in a way that you couldn’t even if you had eyes on every ride. You’ll be able to tell which runs and which neighbourhoods bring in the most money, what advertising campaigns bring in the most customers, or if there are any glitches going on with your app. Using data to improve your services will help you continually boost your business.

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