It can be very difficult to choose a roof covering for a house or outbuilding. There are many options: manufacturers improve already known materials and develop completely new ones. Learn the roof replacement cost and the types of materials, consult with professionals, and update your home. 

Metal Shingles

Some of the most common roofs are metal shingles. They have earned their popularity due to easy installation, low price, and relatively long service life of about 20 years. Due to its light weight, no additional measures are needed to strengthen the load-bearing structure of the roof. The metal tile is ideally suited for operation in severe climatic conditions.  

Bitumen Sheets 

Bitumen tiles are made of fiberglass impregnated with bitumen and sprinkled with mineral chips. The service life of bituminous tiles may vary depending on the manufacturer and range from 15 to 50 years.

Box Profile Roofing Sheets

They are manufactured from hot-dip galvanized cold-rolled steel. Both sides are covered with protective zinc or alu-zinc layer. Additional polymer protection is applied from above. Produced with a wavy and rectangular profile.

Roof Slates

They are made from a mixture of cement and asbestos in the form of corrugated or flat sheets. Dyes may be added during the production process, so there are colored and unpainted slates on sale. Service life – from 20 to 30 years.

Steel Seam Roof

This is a coating of smooth steel sheets, which has its main advantage — an excellent water flow for any, even the largest slopes. The basis of this type of roof is a steel sheet, galvanized or non-galvanized, with or without a polymer coating. When installing, be sure to use various heaters.

Clay Roof Tile 

Clay or ceramic tiles are natural tiles used as roofing. They are the most durable and the very first to be used for this purpose. Ceramic tiles are waterproof, resistant to temperature changes, do not need to be painted, and are not flammable. Natural shingles can be laid on roofs of any configuration; they are heavy but practically do not crumble, and waste from such shingles is minimal.

Concrete Roof Tile

One of the types of natural tiles is concrete tiles. They differ from ceramic in composition and method of manufacture. The basis is quartz sand and cement with the addition of lime and gypsum, as well as mineral pigments, to give the desired color. It does not require firing in a furnace at high temperatures, which significantly reduces the cost of its production, and, as a result, the price is lower.

Wood Shingle

Wooden tiles are made from larch, pine, spruce, oak, and beech. Larch tiles are considered the most durable; their service life can reach 50-100 years, but it all depends on the production technology, the quality of processing, and the characteristics of the region.

Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum seam roofing is elegant and very reliable but expensive. The covering that forms after some time on the roof surface prevents it from collapsing, and such roofing lasts up to 80 years.

Self-Leveling Roof

It is the general name for a group of seamless coatings that are mounted by applying semi-liquid or liquid mastics. The reinforcing base for them can be fiberglass or fiberglass, and the basis is concrete slabs, wooden or metal decking, cement screed, etc.

Choosing how to cover the roof of the house, you should not focus only on the cost. It is necessary to study the properties of the selected material and understand how it will behave on a particular roof and in specific climatic conditions.

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