Whether you are currently preparing to re-design your kitchen in the next few months, work in the professional home renovation and decorating industry, or else are simply interested and dedicated in and to keeping up with the latest trends in home design, then this article is definitely for you.

Continue reading to learn of the five latest trends in bathroom and kitchen design and how best to add them to your own kitchen and bathroom spaces.

1. Unique & Mismatched Tiles

Gone are the days (even though those days were a matter of no more than a couple of years ago) when the trends for kitchen tiling and backsplash designs were mute in tone and colour. Now, for spring and summer 2022, the kitchen design world are moving towards tiles with interesting and mismatched textures, patterns and dimensions.

Although it may sound silly on first thought, the design of your kitchen tiles is a fantastically easy and relatively affordable way of expressing the overall style and feel of your kitchen, but choosing your own individual tiles from an established supplier, such as kitchens Knutsford, is also a way of expressing your own unique and individual personality.

2. Vintage Furniture

One of the major trends for spring and summer 2022 (in terms of kitchen design and décor) is the addition of vintage pieces of furniture.

Not only will the investment in an authentically vintage and traditional looking table or set of drawers mean you will benefit from an aesthetically stunning focal point in the kitchen, but the beauty of this particular trend is the fact that it does not require any renovation or re-decorating.

3. Herringbone & Parquet Flooring

A spring or summer 2022 trend that is set to retain popularity right through to winter next year is that of herringbone and parquet flooring.

What is more, the traditional material of such floors (timber) is not the only type of herringbone you can install into your kitchen and now you can have a parquet floor made in LVT or even made from porcelain.

4. Kitchen Wallpaper

Upon first read, you might be forgiven for thinking kitchen wallpaper might be a typo; but it’s true!

Kitchen wallpaper is one of the biggest trends in spring and summer 2022, especially with a brand new and innovative range of wallpapers made from waterproof and more durable materials. If you really are a dedicated follower of home décor and fashion, then go for brave floral prints as a feature wall above the side where your oven is situated.

5. Mesh Fronted Cabinets

Like other elements, colours of appliances and items within the space, a definite shift towards metallic touches is certainly happening in 2022 and set to stay right throughout the year.

A perfect and quite literally shining example of metallic components to a kitchen dedicated to following the home décor trends and fashions of this year, is the removal of all your existing cabinet doors and replacing them with mesh-fronted covers instead.

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