You may have dealt with a creaky door, a drafty window, or uneven walkway while living in your home, but those things could be the very thing that makes people not want to buy your home. Other than consulting with your real estate agent to find out what you can do to help your house sells, here are 5 household fixes that you should focus on before your house is officially up for sale. 

Plumbing Issues

Severe mold and dry rot may develop as a result of water damage caused by faulty plumbing. The amount that it will cost to fix is determined by a number of variables, including the root cause of the water leak, the extent of the damage, and the length of time the problem has persisted. Washers in a dripping faucet or a toilet with a worn wax ring are examples of simple problems that may be fixed by the average homeowner.

OId Electrical Work

Not something to be taken lightly, electrical issues cause 51,000 fires annually. Repairs may range from inexpensive, do-it-yourself tasks like replacing wire connections, frayed wiring, or damaged light switches to expensive, time-consuming endeavors like rewiring a whole house or upgrading an antiquated circuit breaker.

HVAC Issues

Buyers should be aware that the cost to install a new HVAC system could be anywhere from $7,000 to $12,000 — labor not necessarily included.  If your system isn’t working properly or isn’t energy efficient, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace it right away because it may be fixed by an expert HVAC technician.

A service visit and any necessary repairs or replacement components will be the only additional expenses. The assessed value of your property may decrease if comparable homes in the region have newer HVAC systems and yours is nearing the end of its expected lifetime.

Roof & Foundation Problems

Attic leaks, inadequate ventilation (which may cause paint blistering and mildew within the house), and excessive energy costs are just some of the problems that can arise as a result of an older roof. Not only does an old roof cause repair issues, it can also reduce the value of your home. The average cost to replace a roof is $12,000, but 94% of that expense is recovered at when the house is sold. If your roof is in bad shape or noticeably older than that of your neighbors, you may want to replace it before putting your home up for sale.

Along with the roof, if your home’s foundation is broken, the whole structure is at risk, which may make it impossible to sell. Repairing a large crack in a foundation might easily run you ten grand or more. It may cost a lot of money to remedy even the simplest things. It’s estimated that the cost to seal a single fissure is about $800–$1,500. It also doesn’t account for expenses like slab jacking or having a structural expert evaluate the damage.

No Modern Safety Features

A carbon monoxide and a smoke detector are standard safety features that are inspected by home inspectors and appraisers. Smoke alarms are mandated by law in every state, and carbon monoxide detectors are also mandated by majority of states. 

When deciding where and how to place detectors, it’s important to familiarize yourself with state and municipal regulations or consult a real estate professional. In addition, GFCI outlets and receptacles should be installed in any wet areas, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

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