Seasonal decorating offers more than just a chance to change things up. It adds a sense of excitement and newness to any house – even if you’re only making small updates.

Some people shake their heads at redecorating, worrying about the cost and energy it will require. However, adding a few pieces of seasonal decor to your house doesn’t have to be an expensive (or exhausting) process.

We’re sharing five budget-friendly ways to update your home for summer with little decor changes. None of these will break the bank, but they’ll all freshen up your living space and leave you excited for the warm months that lie ahead.

1. Add A Pop Of Color

Our first suggestion is to paint something. Purchasing a can of paint is relatively inexpensive – usually less than $40 for a gallon – but a new color in your home can make a world of difference.

Maybe you want to make your living room feel brighter with some yellow wall accents, or you want to add a bold feel to the guest bedroom with a striking green or blue border. Summer is the season of bold colors, and even painting just one wall can transform the way you feel about a room.

Adding a pop of color doesn’t only change your home’s aesthetics. Re-painting will also cover up some of the wear and tear on your walls, giving your house a fresh, new feel as you enter the next season.

2. Throw In A Few Seasonal Accessories

Remember that a little goes a long way when it comes to some festive, seasonal decor items. You don’t have to totally deck out your home with red, white, and blue for July or beach-themed items when people visit.

Ask yourself: what makes you and your family think of summer?

Maybe it’s creating a little display of seashells to remind you of your annual family vacation to Florida. Perhaps it’s adding some throw pillows with flamingos or fruit patterns on them. You might even want to consider hanging a few family photos from previous summers.

When you look at magazines or Pinterest for summer decor ideas, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and feel you need to spend big bucks to bring your home into the new season. Don’t fall prey to that mentality.

Think about the holidays, memories, and themes that make summer special to you and your family. Then, throw in a few affordable decorations that make your home feel a little more festive.

3. Update Your Outdoor Dining Space

Patio decorating can be expensive – but it doesn’t have to be. The goal isn’t to completely revolutionize your outdoor dining space, but to make it usable and enjoyable for the whole family.

The average American spends up to 2 hours outdoors during the summer months (the highest amount of any season). Even putting a little bit of money and energy into your backyard will make a big difference in how much you use it during the coming months.

Start by looking at your patio furniture. Is it functional right now – or does it just take up space?  What can you get rid of, and what should you replace?

If you’re trying to save money and be selective about the pieces you update, refer to a patio furniture buying guide. Pick the most important furniture items to replace, then work with what you have. You don’t need a $1,400 patio set to feel like you’ve transformed your outdoor dining space.

4. Switch Out Your Curtains

Don’t underestimate how much curtains – and the light they let in – can affect the feel of your home. During the winter months, it can be cozy to snuggle up in a dim living room with a fire burning, but during the summer, we typically want things to feel brighter.

Take a look at your current window treatments. Are the curtains blocking rays of buttery sunshine? Consider replacing them with some affordable white or sheer curtains that are both elegant and bright.

If you’re really hesitant to purchase new curtains, at least consider opening your blinds more and letting some light into the room every now and then.

5. Create Some Exotic Centerpieces

Finally, consider being a little “fun” with your centerpieces. This is a quick, easy way to take a dining room or coffee table to a whole new level.

Start by going to the dollar store and purchasing a few cheap glass items – candlesticks, bowls, vases, etc. Then, select some seasonal items to fill what you’ve purchased. These could be:

  • Summer flowers (i.e. daisies or sunflowers).
  • Beach materials (i.e. seashells, sand, or fake coral).
  • Holiday items (i.e. American flags for the Fourth of July).

You’d be surprised by how much a striking centerpiece draws the eye. Rather than adding small pieces of nautical decor here and there, channel your creative energy into a table that really calls for attention. You can search world flags on Google if you are buying flags of the world.


As you can see, home decor projects don’t have to be intense or expensive. By spending a little money and dedicating a couple of hours, you can transform your home into a more attractive summer oasis.

Try a few of these tips out and see what a difference they can make.

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Noah WilliamsNoah Williams is the manager for Family Leisure, a home and outdoor living retailer with several locations nationwide. He’s an expert in pools, spas, and outdoor living spaces. Noah believes that home should be your favourite place to spend time, and that investing in the things that bring your family together will pay dividends for years to come.

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