Now that you are formally engaged, the next step is to set a date for the happy event. You want to plan a fashionable wedding in London complete with all the bells and whistles fitting a royal wedding. Why not! Isn’t that every bride-to-be’s dream? The one bit of advice which can be given here is that if you are planning a mega-event at the height of fashion, you should set that date out in the future at least a year. In this way, you will have time to book a venue and hire all the services you will need to make that day a success. With that being said, let’s look at some ideas that will make your wedding a truly fashionable day to remember.

1. Book All Venues First

You will not only need to set a date at the place where you plan to say your vows, but it is also in your best interests to line up venues for the after-ceremony celebration. This is extremely important because you may need to change your dates at least once based on the availability of the venues. For example, if you want to get married in one of London’s Cathedrals based on your faith, that would be the first priority on your list. Once that date is set you can find venues for the celebration.

2. Will You Need Catering?

Your first choice may be to find a venue where food and beverage are served. There are several lovely venues that specialise in weddings. If these are all booked already for the date you have in mind, you might be able to book a hall where you can have refreshments catered. This is a very important part of planning a fashionable London wedding and also, it should be a place in close enough proximity for guests to travel to from the church.

3. An Extra Touch Of Class

What do you remember most about the royal weddings you’ve viewed on television? Most of us remember watching the bride exit the cathedral to be seated elegantly in a carriage or classic luxury car. If you book early enough, it is possible to find wedding car hire in London that will be something to remember for the rest of your lives. Some come complete with liveried chauffeurs, and you will surely feel like a princess being escorted to the celebration hall.

4. Bespoke Wedding Attire

While it will certainly be more costly to have your wedding attire fashioned especially for you, this is something that will rank your wedding in the highest fashion imaginable. Not everyone can say that they’ve had a seamstress design their gown but if you can find one that will create a dress to your body’s contours, you will have a wedding gown that fits you like a glove.

The best way to plan a fashionable London wedding is to plan far enough in advance so that you have time to factor in all those little extras that will set your wedding apart from any you’ve ever attended. This is the most important day of the rest of your lives together, so why not take the time to ensure that it will be that special day you’ve always dreamed of?

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