Some people like to boast that they tell it like it is and that if you find them abrasive, it’s just because you have thin skin. Such an outlook may work in a college dorm, but out in the real world, few people will be impressed. There are several reasons why you should care about social etiquette and making a good impression.

Reduce Conflict

Being polite doesn’t mean you repress your self-expression or opinions. It means respecting the boundaries, identities and abilities of the people around you. Just because you don’t like something it doesn’t mean you have to tell everyone. Just because a person’s actions warrant criticism, it doesn’t mean you have to attack them. Having a grasp of etiquette means that people will hear your ideas and not get hung up on a less than tasteful delivery.

Build Trust

You don’t have to agree with everyone around you for them to like you. However, showing that you value their time and feelings is essential. You don’t have to be perfect, but a little courtesy does go a long way.

Gain Confidence

If you are unsure of social boundaries, social etiquette services Houston TX can help you learn them. Increased familiarity with social boundaries and etiquette will help you feel more comfortable in everyday situations that would normally leave you biting your nails with anxiety.

Foster Kindness

When you are mindful of how you conduct yourself, people notice and appreciate it. You shouldn’t save good manners for job interviews or meeting powerful figures, but display them with everyone you meet, from strangers on the subway to baristas serving you coffee. Just telling someone “thank you” and wishing them a good day could be a bright spot that makes their day less dreary.

You don’t have to sacrifice who you are. Instead of thinking of yourself as being socially graceful, think of it as being socially mindful.

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