Fundraising can be an intimidating and time consuming process. But with the right plan in place, you can successfully raise funds for your cause quickly and easily. One of the most important pieces of planning a successful fundraiser is coming up with a great name.

Here are 30 fundraising name ideas to help get your creative juices flowing and make your event stand out.

  1. Raise the Roof: A great name for a fundraiser benefiting roof repairs or construction.
  2. Share the Love: A sweet and simple option for any type of charity event.
  3. Let’s Build It Together: Perfect for a community build project or other group-oriented effort.
  4. Get on Board: Fun for any type of fundraiser involving team sports, group activities, or board games.
  5. Get the Ball Rolling: An interactive and exciting name for a fundraising event, especially those related to sports.
  6. Dig Deep: A catchy phrase that encourages people to dig deep into their pockets when donating.
  7. Make a Difference: A reminder that the donations made at your fundraiser can truly make a difference.
  8. Do Something Great: An inspiring name for any event or campaign, big or small.
  9. Join Forces: A great way to encourage people to come together and work as a team for a common cause.
  10. Reach Out and Give: A meaningful phrase emphasizing the importance of giving back to those in need.
  11. Take Action Now: Perfect for raising awareness about an important issue or cause.
  12. Invest in Our Future: Emphasizes the long-term benefits of donating money now, rather than waiting until later on down the road.
  13. Turn Cents Into Sense: An effective way to encourage people to donate their spare change.
  14. Give and Get: A great option for an event that encourages donations, but also has something to give back in return.
  15. Walk the Talk: Perfect for any kind of walkathon or other athletic fundraiser.
  16. Power of Giving: A reminder that giving is a powerful act that can make a huge difference in someone’s life.
  17. Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is: An effective way to get people to connect with the cause and donate generously.
  18. Kick Off Something Amazing: For any new fundraising campaign or event.
  19. Make Every Dollar Count: Encourages donors to think carefully about where they are donating and make sure their money is being well spent.
  20. Show Your Support: A great way to get people involved in any kind of fundraiser, regardless of the cause.
  21. Change Lives Now: An inspiring slogan that emphasizes the immediate impact donations can have on those in need.
  22. Make It Happen: Perfect for a campaign with an aggressive fundraising goal or timeline.
  23. Standing Together: A reminder that when we join forces, we are stronger together than apart.
  24. Believe in Miracles: A great name for any hope-related event or campaign, such as medical research fundraisers or disaster relief efforts.
  25. Lend a Hand: A wonderful phrase illustrating the importance of coming together to help that in need.
  26. Unite for a Cause: Encourages people to come together and work towards a common goal.
  27. Open Your Heart: A great way to get people to connect with the cause on an emotional level and donate based on their feelings, rather than logic.
  28. Take Up the Challenge: A fun name that encourages people to take up the challenge of raising funds for a good cause.
  29. Get Involved Now: An inspiring message that emphasizes the importance of taking action now rather than waiting until later on down the road.
  30. Believe in Hope: Perfect for any hope-related event or campaign, such as medical research fundraisers or disaster relief efforts.


The right event name can make all the difference when it comes to making a fundraising event successful. With these 30 creative and inspiring fundraiser name ideas, you’re sure to find something that captures your passion for the cause and encourages people to donate generously. From Share the Love to Believe in Hope, these catchy phrases will give you plenty of inspiration for your next fund-raising project.

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