If you’re not happy in the career you’re currently in, why not change to something else? Retail is an excellent choice that might be exactly the thing you’re looking for. This idea might seem like an impossible one to action at first, but the reality is that people change their careers all the time, and although it will take some effort and time on your part, if you truly do want to change and you need to find a career you’ll enjoy and can stick with, then it’s certainly worth doing.

Working in a job that you dislike is not good for your health. It can cause depression, stress, and anxiety, and when it comes to your physical health, it can result in insomnia, high blood pressure, and even heart problems, among many other issues. Therefore, if you feel it’s time to start your second career in retail, here are some tips to help you.

Get A Degree

Before you can do anything else, it’s wise to get a degree to help you achieve more in your second career. If you want to go into retail, you might think you already have all the knowledge that would help you, but the truth is, gaining a degree – or additional degree – could be the thing that helps you most. You might wonder why earn a professional certification? The answer is that a degree in something like business will mean you have the skills not just to start a business but to grow it, have a team beneath you, and be a great manager, all of which will lead you to success.

Suppose you are very keen to get started and you know the basics of the retail avenue you want to go down. In that case, it’s entirely possible that you can begin and obtain your degree qualification through part-time or online courses, ensuring you can do both.

What Are Your Strengths?

Perhaps you know you don’t like your current job, and perhaps you’re sure that a career in retail – ideally running your own company – is exactly what you should be doing. You have a lot of ideas, perhaps even the qualifications required, as mentioned above, but then what?

Then it’s time to look at your strengths. It’s crucial that whatever retail business you start, it uses your strengths and allows you to push things forward in that way. If you’re wonderful at face-to-face sales, then you’ll need to start a physical store, or attend a lot of conventions, for example. If web design is your biggest strength, then an online store might be a better option. Think about exactly what you can do best and ensure you use those strengths to build a successful company.


No matter what direction you finally choose to go in, when it comes to retail, there is a lot of networking involved. For example, if you want to find a good, reliable supplier, networking could be the right way to find them – you can ask people you know to put you in touch with someone who they trust, making the process a lot easier.

Then there are other business processes that networking can assist with. From marketing to accounting to IT support, the more people you know and network with, the more help you can get. Just remember that as well as receiving help, you’ll need to give it too – that’s how networking works best.

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