Also known as “Paintless Dent Removal,” paintless dent repair is an eco-friendly repair method for small dents and dings. It restores a vehicle’s body to a factory-like condition in a quicker and less costly way.

As a car owner, you may be wondering whether you should get the car dent fixed today. After all, everyone would want a vehicle that’s in pristine condition but is it worth the money? So should you go for it and what are the consequences of not getting your car repaired right away?

The Cost Of Delaying Dent Repair On Your Car

Long-Term Paint Damage

Your car’s often exposed to harsh weather conditions and other harmful elements. With frequent exposure, wear-and-tear is definitely bound to happen. However, dents and scratches on the surface speed up this process—faster than you think. You’ll notice that the longer you ignore those dings on your car, the greater the paint damage will be.

Rust Damage

Regarding long-term pain damage, any abnormalities on your car’s surface will also eventually lead to chipped paint and rust. Hailstorms don’t kid around when they rain pellets on your vehicle because they don’t just leave short-term (and seemingly small) problems. When your car’s surface starts to rust, expect to spend more on repairs.

Reduced Resale Value

The moment you take that new car out of the dealership for the very first time, its value depreciates right away. While this naturally happens regardless of the vehicle you purchase, any form of damage on it hastens its total resale value depreciation.


Small dings or dents are deceptively harmless, yet serious structural damage can be hiding underneath. When your car goes through an unforgiving hailstorm, it deserves to be checked afterwards… as much as you deserve to know your vehicle’s still functioning optimally.

The Earlier The Repair, The Lower The Cost

Similar to the human body, any illness identified earlier would likely lead to simpler and more affordable remedies. If an illness has progressed to a life-threatening degree due to delayed checkups, it’d be more difficult and costlier to address. Treat your car the same way.

Why A Paintless Dent Repair?

#1 Quality Service At A Lower Cost

Why does a PDR cost less than traditional repair techniques? It’s non-intrusive and requires significantly fewer tools and chemicals to accomplish. It’s essentially a professional, gentle massage service for your car.

If you find a reliable PDR shop, you can expect quality PDR services that won’t feel like a bank heist. Yes, if you think about it, it’s less expensive than having to do it yourself and risk damaging your car further.

#2 Eco-Friendly Repair Techniques

Typical car repair processes involve a complex combination of sanding, filling, cutting, repainting, and many more environmentally-damaging methods. Imagine not contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and potentially contaminating water supplies—that’s what you’re doing when you choose paintless dent repair over other repair techniques.

#3 Time-Saving Repair Method

What’s more valuable than money? Time. Instead of waiting for weeks, just count the days on one hand. Depending on the number of dents your car has (and after a thorough inspection by an experienced PDR specialist), you can get your car back in less than a week.

You won’t even have to take the car to the repair shop yourself. There are reputable repair shops that pick up the car from the customer’s residence, giving you back your time and energy so that you can focus on other important activities.

Get Your Car Fixed By PDR Professionals

You may be tempted to search for and use DIY methods to fix your car’s dents yourself. They’re relatively small, after all. While you will certainly find many resources, guides, and tools that will allow you to get your car back in tip-top shape on your own, this isn’t advisable. Unless you’re a well-trained mechanic, you won’t be able to detect any underlying issues and appropriately fix everything that needs fixing. Likewise, only a professional will be able to utilise the best color matching paint repair techniques, thereby ensuring that the repaired spots on your car’s bodywork are indistinguishable from the paintwork on the rest of the car.

Fixing your car shouldn’t be a process of trial and error; you’ll just end up with more damage than before. Trusted and experienced PDR specialists are at your disposal, and they’re capable of giving your car the gentle and firm restructuring it needs.

So put those tools down and close those car repair DIY tabs on your Internet browser. It’s time to take care of those dents on your car the professional way.

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