You said yes!

Every time you take a peek at your engagement ring, you’re giddy; your belly floods with warmth and excitement.

It doesn’t take long though, for the realization to set in.

Saying “yes” was the easy part. Now the floodgates are open, and you’ve got many more decisions ahead.

The next important (and fun!) choice to make is, which aesthetic do you choose for your big day?

  • What mood do you want to capture?
  • What kind of elements do you want to include?
  • What feeling do you want to evoke?
  • Is there an important aspect of your lifestyle that you’d like to incorporate?

If you’re having a hard time narrowing it down, here’s a list of some top wedding aesthetic trends for 2022:


The vibe is laid back, a mix of somewhat weather beaten (in a good way!) items – think old barn wood or metal finishes with a somewhat rusty patina – mixed with soft delicate additions, such as pressed flowers and lace.

Think tea-lights or small candles in a mason jar, which you set atop a thin slice of pine or other wood that still has the rough-edge of bark.

Include nature finds with antique pieces – made more interesting and beautiful with time – and you’re there.

An outdoor setting works beautifully for a rustic wedding, as does a semi-outdoor space such as a deck.


Those familiar with minimalism know: it does not mean skimping on luxury.

It does however require restraint, and the pieces and elements you include need to be able to hold up on their own.

Think clean lines and unfussy pieces.

Part of the attraction of minimalism is that without all the clutter and distraction, your guests will be more inclined to focus on the beauty of what is there. Perhaps appreciating it on a deeper level because there’s less that’s competing for their attention.


Remember Bella and Edward’s wedding? You were there, right? Or at least felt like you were. The mood was enchanting, magical, and best of all – memorable.

Forest weddings aren’t just for those in fairytales. In fact, they’re a lot more achievable than one might think. In some cases, it’s as simple as obtaining a permit from the appropriate authorities.

Forests are already aesthetically pleasing. You can add little jewels by including fairy lights (many are battery powered) candles, or LED candles, depending on the propensity of fire in your region. You can create your own aisle by lining each side with bouquets of wildflowers, rocks, or a mixture of the two – and bring an arch to get married under. You can spruce it up by weaving twigs, lace, flowers, and lights throughout. Tie strips of lace to branches you can reach. 

Just remember to leave no trace when the revelry is over.


There are so many fun elements to include in a country wedding. 

If it’s outdoors, hay bales work as excellent seating, just toss blankets over the top. 

Think homemade pie with a pie dough lattice layer over the top. Bright sunflowers, a homemade cake, thick with frosting, and decorated with flowers.

The country wedding vibe is colorful and energetic. Just make sure you have a big enough dance floor.


A cottagecore wedding is achieved through a charming blend of elements. It includes some rustic, some country… think ethereal and natural meets cozy English cottage. For a cottagecore aesthetic, the more natural and unaltered the decorations, the better.

An outdoor setting – such as a garden – is the perfect place to host a cottagecore wedding. 

If there’s an old wood fence, you can weave fairy lights and a daisy chain around it. Your bridesmaids can wear flower garlands in their hair.


If you just want to celebrate with your nearest and dearest, a micro wedding is an excellent option. Consider renting an Airbnb as a venue.

You can also have a micro wedding in your backyard.

One of the benefits of a micro wedding is being able to splash out on décor. A few dozen beautifully scented red roses, a box of expensive champagne and a long farm table set with tall elegant candles. A micro wedding can incorporate all your favorite things.


No matter which aesthetic you choose, all of them have one thing in common: the pure joy that comes from being able to unite with friends and loved ones again, and celebrate your love.

This is your day, celebrate accordingly.

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