Today, almost everyone can take pictures in a blink of an eye. And, the likelihood of you getting your photo taken (intentional or unintentional) per day is high! I’m sure you’re one of those people who want to look good in photos– and what’s better than you have that perfect smile in those shots?

Luckily, here are 12 tips on how you can smile confidently for photos. Who knows? You might end up being Miss or Mister Photogenic because of your picture-perfect smile in every photo!

1. Practice In Front Of A Mirror

When smiling, a lot of people scrunch, frown, or grin too much. To get that perfect smile, you may want to practice first. Examine your smile in front of a mirror and in different angles. Then, look for the angle that resonates with you the most. You can start smiling with only one side of your lips, and then experiment along the way.

2. Get Orthodontic Treatment

You’ll see it when you look in front of a mirror. Do you think that your teeth are not straight? Do you think you need braces? If so, you may want to consider getting orthodontic treatment.

Kumra Orthodontics is an orthodontist in Fredericksburg VA that can help you smile confidently. They offer braces, Invisalign, and other orthodontic treatments to help you bring up your smiling game!

3. Relax Your Muscles

Smiling is supposed to be a ‘happy thing.’ So, when smiling, your muscles should be relaxed. Don’t let those jaw muscles show anxiety because of the tension. Don’t think about it too much and try to relax them consciously.

4. Think Of Happy Thoughts

Once you’re up for a photo, you can think of amusing and happy thoughts. Thinking of happy moments could actually cause a genuine smile to appear on your face. This is one way to get that natural smile of yours!

5. Use Your Eyes To Smile

Coordinate with your eyes when you smile. So, pay attention to how you raise your eyes when smiling. Practice this in front of the mirror until you find the perfect eye-and-smile combination that could make you glow!

6. Find A Nice Angle

Look for the best face shot angle for you. For example, you may look better in photos when the camera is slightly above your head. For most people, keeping the camera in eye level is the most attractive. This angle avoids double chins and possible distortions of facial features.

7. Show Off Your Teeth

You may not be confident of showing your teeth if they aren’t that straight to you. But even if it’s not perfect, showing off your smile can actually improve your photos. That’s because of how expressive smiling with teeth is. So, be proud and smile with your teeth!

8. Put Your Tongue Behind The Teeth

Here’s a tip: You can put the tip of your tongue behind your teeth when smiling. This can give you a spead-out look (but not too broad) that makes your smile look more natural.

9. Don’t Stick Your Upper & Lower Teeth Together

When you stick your upper and lower teeth together, your skin around the neck may be slightly compressed. And, your muscles may end up tensing up and/or protruding conspicuously. So the next time you smile, leave some pace in between your uppers and lowers!

10. Don’t Say Cheese

This might be a common practice, but saying ‘cheese’ for photos isn’t actually the best way to make you smile attractively. Try not to say anything when you smile and instead, focus on the way you smile.

11. Wear Some Lipstick

I know what you’re thinking– I’m a guy, and I don’t want to wear lipstick. Well, we believe that everyone can wear lipstick, regardless of gender!

If you opt to wear lipstick, choose a lipstick color that enhances your teeth. Do not use dark or matte colors since these make your teeth look duller and less white. Instead, you could go for a nude or light pink shade that may be able to highlight your teeth.

12. Be Confident

Confidence can actually play a big role in your photos– it makes you more authentic! So, do some mind-conditioning and embrace your smile. Show them how self-assured you are with your smile!

Show That Perfect Smile Of Yours!

Your beautiful smile is often an outcome of your confidence and happiness! With these tips on how you can smile confidently in photos, you’ll surely be able to have photos of yourself that are worth sharing. Don’t think about it too much, though– just enjoy your life and we’re sure that your smile will follow!

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